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Turnitin for Students

The minute after a student finishes working on an assignment, he/she must take one more step before handing in the paper. I’m talking about something their parents didn’t have to do, namely running it through anti-plagiarism software, one of the most popular of them being Turnitin. By all means, submitting a paper that isn’t 100 percent original is frowned upon, that’s why many students will find themselves asking can I use Turnitin as a student?

Turnitin’s vice president – Chris Harrick – described the way in which the software works by saying that each paper is checked against billions of web pages, and other forms of content originating from scientific journals, publishers, etc. He added that more than half of the amount of higher education institutions used this program for checking the originality of the students’ assignments. Certainly, Turnitin isn’t the only software that provides this kind of service. There are other sites like Turnitin for students.

How does it work?

Now, let’s see the way in which the software works. One submits a paper on the website. Afterward, the software’s algorithms will compare the text with content from its enormous database. Note that the software doesn’t check only the sources on the web, but all academic, scholarly sources. Also, after the paper is submitted, it will remain in the system. As soon as the comparison is finished, the teacher will receive a report that communicates the percentage of content that was similar to other sources.

There’s a typical complaint according to which the filter may turn false positives. The software is featured by color codes concerning suspect passages and provides links to the matching sources. However, there are cases in which the student isn’t familiar with citation rules, and matching content may occur by mistake.

Intention vs. accident

Tom Dee, from the position of a professor at Stanford University, outlines that the software is unable to differentiate between intentional and accidental plagiarism. In the same respect, many teachers use tools like Turnitin as a weapon against students that are suspect of plagiarism. Additionally, the use of the software places the teacher and the student in an adversarial position, which leads to numerous complications.

Help is available

By all means, the issue of plagiarism is controversial, as one can clearly notice. That’s mainly because matching passages may occur without intention, and the final result is the same – failing a class. In this scenario, the student might look for an efficient plagiarism checker for students online, which should ensure that the assignment doesn’t match another one. Turnitin for students is also available. One can utilize the WriteCheck service, which enables the student to foster proper citation practices. Other sites like Turnitin for students include,,, and many others.

In the case in which you are in short of time, and the deadline for your assignment is approaching, you might be unable to deliver a 100 percent plagiarism free paper. In this scenario, you might want to turn to an essay service. This can be the answer to your problem. But still, it’s tricky to make a sensible pick given the ever-growing number of this kind of services.  

On that account, turning to an essay writing service reviews website is the right choice. That’s because such a site provides each student with information on the top essay writing services, and tell you which ones to choose to eliminate the dreadful concern related to plagiarism. At last, you won’t have to worry about finding sites like Turnitin for students, because when you ask for the assistance of reliable professionals, plagiarism becomes history.

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