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Bid4papers Review

One of the newest phenomena related to e-commerce has been the development of site review services that will focus on specific industries. The purpose of these review sites is to ferret out as much information as possible about all web-based companies in a particular industry, with an eye to determining which of them are reliable, reputable, and trustworthy. These sites are really helpful to everyone who is seeking to do business with a company whose products, services and business practices are honest and forthright. Because the writing service industry has traditionally been one in which high quality companies exist alongside disreputable ones, it stands to reasons that review of these companies should be conducted. This review has been written on one of the newer writing service companies to “hit the scene” –

Business Model

Bid4papers reviews in this category are a bit mixed, primarily because the company is so new. It does, however, have some basic policies and practices which indicate some thoughtful and principled activity.

  1. There are written policies on the website, which is always good to see. Customers who review them will gain important information.
  2. The processes for order placement and payment are clear.
  3. The types of writing that are offered are currently limited to academic genres, and a drop-down box on the order form contains very specific choices for which type of writing a customer needs.
  4. There are Bid4papers features in place for open communication between customers and their writers, and this indicates a desire for the customer to get what s/he ultimately wants in the way of writing.

Products and Product Quality

As stated above, products are limited to academic assignments, and the customer market appears to be college students at the undergraduate level.

Bid4papers ratings by customers on social media and other feedback sites indicate that the quality is appropriate for college level research and writing.

Writer Credentials and Backgrounds

This is an area that bears improvement. The company boasts over 1000 professional writers, but attempts to gain information about hiring practices have failed. Because the company relies so heavily on communication between student and writer, it is rather left up to the student to inquire directly of the writer as to degrees, degree levels, and writing experience. If there are procedures in place for screening and employment of writers, as well as verification of credentials, they are not publicized on the site.

Customer Support

There are personnel available 24/7, as is the case with the majority of writing services. While one of the Bid4papers benefits is communication with one’s writer, there is not as much communication encouraged between student and customer support staff. The company may find, as it continues to grow, that this is a drawback and will want to consider revising this practice.

Company Pricing prices really vary, because there are options provided for the customer to have a more active role in how much s/he pays for a given order. There are basically two options:

  1. The first option is to place the order, name no specific writer, and opt to NOT let the order go out for bids among writers who are available at the time. When this option is selected, the price is quite high, even for a basic essay.
  2. The second option is to put the order out for bid, and allow available writers to compete for the business. The student can then select a writer, and the price is almost always considerably cheaper.

Bid4papers alternative pricing options seem to be attractive to customers, based upon Bid4papers testimonials on its own site; however, it appears that by its pricing practices, the company is truly attempting to get all students to send their order out for bids. The differences in pricing are pretty striking.

In Conclusion is a company with some good policies and practices, and it does have important guarantees, such as its no-plagiarism policy with a software scan for assurance. There is not a lot of comment and feedback in comparison to companies that have been around much longer, but, over time, more thorough and comprehensive reviews will be possible.

Review of Bid4Papers by TopWritersReview

Customer Reviews of “”
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Jason commented
What I really wasn’t expecting when I ordered a paper from this company was a plagiarism! Their writer simply copypasted the text for my essay! Don't waste your money on this service.
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Ladd commented
Here, we can't talk about high quality of services! This a mediocre writing company that provides papers of a mediocre level! By this I mean, papers with different mistakes!
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Giles commented
The bid 4 papers are okay, not good and not bad. Their feature is that they do not have support team and I think it's awesome. I hate it when they call you all the time. The negative point is that you can’t pass your paper to your professor as soon as it arrives. You have to check the level of plagiarism and whether it’s well-structured or not. If you are using this service with the realistic approach – you’ll benefit; if you believe in miracles, well… your grades may suffer.
Comments (4)
  • REPLY Pedro Navaja commented
    I am not sure if I would trust that site. As far as prices, I requested a paper 3 pages (750 words) and I got quoted $70.00. Not sure what the going price is but that seemed a little too high. Some of the messages had grammatical errors, go figure.
  • REPLY Shaunda commented
    Funny service - no support and the annoying chat window all over the screen. It's kinda cool that you can choose the writer an manage the price offer. Though I seriously doubt they are Americans.
  • REPLY Honey commented
    Well.... Can anyone explain me, WHY websites, like this one exist? It's absolutely useless! Am' not able to check anything without given my email. No prices, no support - NOTHING! How's that? (((
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