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Over the last several weeks, we have received messages and emails from students inquiring about As always, people want to know if CustomEssay can be trusted to produce original, quality papers. In response to this demand, we are writing this review. To ensure that this write up is completely fair, and that we provide all of the information our readers need to make a sound decision, we have covered the following:

  • Custom Essay Pricing And Discounts

  • Other Customer Reviews Testimonials And Experiences

  • Reputation Check With The BBB And Other Sources

  • Writing Quality

  • Customer Support Quality

  • Website Navigation

  • Payments And Security

We placed an order for a college-level essay. We explored the website. Now, we are here to share all about our experience with you.

Review Criteria

Our first criteria is that a writing service is not a fraud or scam. Once we determine that, we begin looking at other areas. First, the writing quality must be on point. Papers should be written at the appropriate grade level. They should use academic source material, and be free from error.

Next, papers should be delivered on time. Late delivery is simply unacceptable. We will not recommend a service if they fail in this area.

We believe that prices should be competitive. Customers should also be able to save a bit of money. Then there is customer service. Agents should be polite and knowledgeable.

Finally, the website is important as well. It should be easy to navigate. We’re also impressed when the writing service includes extras for the benefit of the customer.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

For the most part, is an academic writing service. We ordered an essay. However, students can also order research papers, scholarship essays, book reports, academic articles, personal statements, research summaries, even thesis and dissertation help. We did find a limited number of resume and copywriting services. However, those were not evaluated in any way.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

We believe this writing service can be trusted to complete work in return for pay. However, we don’t believe that they can be trusted to deliver any sort of quality work. For more information on this, please continue reading.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

This is where we were truly disappointed. Our essay was poorly written. There were several writing mistakes that should have been avoided. Editing is clearly lacking. In addition to this, customer support was rude and condescending.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

Pricing is per page. It is within ‘industry standards’. We were also able to apply a promo code to save a bit more. Information on coupon codes is available on the website. Payment is pretty standard as well. We paid via PayPal and had no issues. Customers can use debit or credit cards and other methods as well.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

We looked for extras to balance out the disappointments we faced with lack of quality and customer support. Unfortunately, we didn’t find much. There is a blog that is very much out of date. Beyond that, there just isn’t much available.

Concluding Comments

Sadly, our final rating of Custom Essay is poor. While their prices are reasonable, there are too many other issues. After we weighed the pros & cons, we realized that the writing quality and customer service issues were too extensive to ignore. If you need writing help, please take the time to read our other reviews. There are certainly better options available to you.

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