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  • Pricing 3.0
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  • Quality 2.5
  • Delivery 3.0
  • Usability 3.0
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JetWriters Review

JetWriters is an online writing service that has captured the interest of many of our followers. We have received messages and emails with many questions about this writing service. In order to satisfy our audience’s curiosity about this service, we have decided to write this review. Here are the steps we took:

  • Placed an order for writing services
  • Reviewed the paper we received
  • Explored their website
  • Read online customer reviews
  • Researched the company through the BBB
  • Determined whether or not they are a fraud or scam
  • Compared prices and searched for coupon codes

Please keep reading to learn about our experiences and final thoughts.

Review Criteria

Our primary criteria is writing quality. We also judge on-time delivery and customer service. Next is pricing, and website design. Finally, we look for any extras that the writing service delivers to their customers.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

This is a completely academic writing service. There are no services offered in the areas of business writing, or resume services. For our paper, we ordered an essay for a college student. We opted for no add-ons or extras.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

On the issue of trust and reliability, we can say that this writing service does indeed deliver the papers that you order. We placed our order and received our essay on time. We also did not encounter anyone who mentioned any sort of fraudulent behavior.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

We regret to say that this is where things came apart at the seams. The writing we received was just unacceptable. There were multiple errors. The writer also did not appear to have any true understanding of the subject matter. While customer support was courteous, they were ultimately unhelpful.

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment prices are far below industry average. We paid only ten dollars per page.  Unfortunately, it is clear that they are unable to pay qualified writers or provide proper training to their support staff at these prices. This is problematic, and proof that low prices are not always a good thing. We searched for discounts, but we did not find any.  We suspect that the company has opted not to allow the use of any promo code or other special offers due to their low pricing structure.

We paid for our essay using PayPal. We did not encounter any issues with making payment at Jet Writers.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

We will point out that there are several positive features to the Jet Writers website. There are blog posts, videos, and other content that is all quite well done. If this was done in combination with top quality writing and service, this would make this quite a noteworthy service provider.

Concluding Comments

Unfortunately, our final rating of JetWriters is below average. The writing, our most important criteria, was substandard at best. Customer support was terse and unhelpful. While we can praise the overall design of the website, and the additional content offered, that is not enough to make up for the quality issues we encountered. We have weighed the pros & cons. In spite of a few positive testimonials, overall the opinions about this writing service are negative. Regretfully, we agree with this assessment.

Instead of using, we strongly urge students to consider another service. We have posted several positive reviews for online writing providers we are happy to endorse.

Customer Reviews of “”
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Marina commented
Everything seemed fine until I checked my paper for plagiarism. There wasn`t a single unique passage. They copied an entire text from wikipedia and didn`t even bother to use references. I`m glad I was smart enough not to submit the paper at once without plagiarism check. Not professional enough to be trusted with an important academic assignment.
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Usability
Lorrey commented
I know the topic I asked you to work with is not the easiest one. Nevertheless, you could have refused to write an essay. But you said yes and promised to deliver everything on time. Three days after the deadline I`m still waiting for my order. What a help!
Comments (2)
  • User comment image
    REPLY Lillian commented
    Awful website, poor quality, high prices and unresponsive support members. All things considered, not recommended.
  • User comment image
    REPLY Kaylee commented
    Unfortunately, this service is not very reliable and you cannot be sure you will get your paper written within a time frame.
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