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TopEssayWriting Review

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MyAssignmentServices Review is an Australian-based academic writing/assignment service that has been in business for about four years. This My Assignment Services review is written using our standard criteria:

  • We studied the MyAssignmentServices site content
  • We reviewed the My Assignment Services testimonials the company has published on its website and the customer reviews we found elsewhere
  • We reviewed sample writings and a few blog posts
  • We contacted customer service to determine expertise and quality of question responses
  • We placed an order for a short research paper

We found the following:

FACTOR 1: Types of Writing Services Offered offers all of the standard academic products and services. Students can order essays, papers, research projects, lab reports, case studies, reviews, analyses, editing, proofreading, and more. There is also help with homework assignments.

As we went through the website, the most irritating features are the continual popups offering such things as discounts and the first 500 words free, etc. 

FACTOR 2: Trust/Reliability

Here are where the issues began. After several attempts to actually place an order, we contacted customer service. A phone call resulted in a message; sending a message via email get a response two days later. God forbid we had an urgent writing need.

These things do not foster must trust in My Assignment Services.

Further, we couldn’t find a BBB membership, something we like to see.

FACTOR 3: Level of Quality

Since we could not finish placing our own order, we had to rely on the samples, blog posts, and those MyAssignmentServices customer reviews we were able to find. It’s not pretty.

Customers complain about the poor quality of research and writing, as well as the unresponsiveness of customer service.

The samples we read were awful – the sentence structure and vocabulary of a 5th grader, as well as word usage mistakes. All of these things indicate ESL writers.

The other big complaint was the customers have to provide all of the personal information and details of what they need, submit that order, and receive no immediate price. The company simply says that it will send an email soon after a writer has been assigned and price determined.

FACTOR 4: Pricing/Payment

There are no prices published on the site. As mentioned above, these annoying popups kept promising such things as 25% discounts or “first 500 words free.” But there was no promo code or coupon codes to be found anywhere on the site or on the order form. How a customer takes advantage of these, we have no clue.

According to the site and to customers, payments are made via bank cards or PayPal. And no one complained about security issues. So, we can probably say that My Assignment Services is not a fraud or scam.

FACTOR 5: Additional Considerations

There are none to speak of – no information about writers or any benefits.

Concluding Comments

Wow is all we can say. If we tried to list the pros & cons, there would be no pros to mention. Writing quality is poor, customers are not happy, we couldn’t even get an order submitted, customer service is not responsive, and we wonder how the company stays in business. Our My Assignments Services rating is “Very Poor.”

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