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Thesis Panda Review has been in the writing service business for two years. The company is based in Hong Kong. We have recently received some customer reviews along with requests for a full Thesis Panda review of the agency. We have used the same criteria as always – content presented on the website, on-site testimonials, samples and blog posts, pricing, quality of customer service, benefits, comments and feedback we find on the web, and, as always out total experience in ordering and receiving a short research paper.

Factor 1: Types of Writing Services Offered

ThesisPanda promotes its thesis writing services above all else. However, it offers all types of academic writing, from essay and papers all the way to Ph.D. dissertations, and anything in between. It also provides admissions essays, editing and proofreading, STEM problem-solving, and multiple-choice test-taking.

The focus is on students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Factor 2: Trust/Reliability

No customer feedback that we found or received had any complaints about security, confidentiality, or receiving their ordered products on time. The paper we ordered was delivered on time and did address the topic we had provided.

We also spoke with customer service on two occasions, and, while the agents did not seem to be fully versed, they were pleasant.

We can state that is not a fraud or scam. Our issues lie in other areas.

Factor 3: Level of Quality

Here is where the issues begin. 

  • The Thesis Panda website content is filled with grammatical errors, a factor that immediately reduces trust
  • The blog reflects the same types of errors
  • Many customer reviews have also complained about the quality of writing in the products they have received.
  • The research paper we received was poorly written as well. There was not a clear thesis statement, and grammar and usage errors told us that an ESL writer was used. 
  • While the company claims it employs only English-speaking writers with Masters and Ph.D. degrees, we have serious doubts

Factor 4: Pricing/Payment

ThesisPanda prices are within the low average range for basic essays and papers, beginning at $9.97/page. Prices graduate up to $56/page for graduate level works with a short deadline. There are separate pricing charts of other services – editing/proofreading, admissions essays, etc.

New customers will receive discounts of 15%, but they must sign up for emails in order to get the promo code for that discount. Other specials are available to customers if they sign up to be on the company email list.

Factor 5: Additional Important Considerations

The company offers the standard benefits that customers have come to expect – free title and bibliography pages, 24-hour customer service, free revisions, and a plagiarism scan and report.

One big concern we have is the promise that entire theses and dissertations cn be produced for grad students, and in short periods of time. How these writers can do original research is just beyond us.

Concluding Comments

As we look at the pros & cons of this company, we can find little to praise. While prices are reasonable and payments secure, the quality of products is just not there. It is obvious that ESL writers are being used, and this means that students receive pieces of writing that will not result in good grades.

We have assigned an overall rating of “poor” to Thesis Panda and cannot recommend it to anyone.

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