Finding the Best Professional Book Editing Services

You have completed that book. Сongratulate yourself on this impressive accomplishment! Now, you are anxious to publish your book, which is understandable. But you have one more task in front of you – editing.

You have probably read your book many times over. So, you may think that it is publish-ready. It’s not. And if you think that you can do your own editing, you’re wrong. You need another set of eyes on it, and those eyes must be in the form of a professional editor – someone who has a successful history with book editing.

Just What is Book Editing and Why is It Important?

Well-known authors, who have set publishers in place, all have editors from that publisher. These are people who can provide an objective review of a book, and they look for a number of things:

  • Does the book plot or points flow logically without holes? Especially in fiction, this is important. The author may make assumptions about the plot progressions that the reader will not be able to.
  • Are the characters developed well? Can the reader really understand their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, do their actions seem logical?
  • Are the themes clearly revealed through the plot sequence, characters, and descriptions?
  • Are those descriptions written in a way that the reader can “picture” what is described?

These are the basics of the beginnings of book editing. And it’s pretty obvious why they are important. Authors are often so “emotionally” connected with their works that they cannot see them through the eyes of a reader. That means the reader may not have a good experience. A poor experience will mean bad reviews and lack of recommendations. That is certainly not what any author wants.

Proofreading is Important Too

Once the editing basics are completed, and the “fixes” made, it is time for proofreading. This activity is more of a grammatical one. While authors, especially of fiction, can take a lot of license with grammar (e.g., their characters may not use correct grammar in conversations), and while narrators within the novel may not speak in perfect English, there is still a need to proofread for other grammatical and mechanics “rules,” – use of commas and other punctuation; spelling, and vocabulary word usage errors. Why is this so important? Because many readers of books also recognize mechanical errors, and it’s a turn-off. Being an amazing author does not always mean that you are a grammar “king.”

Finding Affordable Book Editing Services

Affordable book editing services are certainly available through a number of online companies. The trick, of course, is to find professional book editing services that actually employ experts.

The important point is this. A lot of academic writing services have editors who work with students who need papers edited and proofread. This is wholly different from editing services for books, and those same editors cannot be used. A company that is going to offer online book editing services must actually employ those specialized editors.


If you are going to find the best online editing services, you will need to do some research. You can start from scratch by Googling “book editing services online,” and you will find hundreds upon hundreds of results. Some services claim to offer free book editing services but do not be fooled. Chances are they are companies that offer self-publishing and marketing, with stiff prices involved for all of that. Generally, they will publish an eBook copy of your work on Amazon, and little editing will actually be done in advance.

A Better Option

Rather than wade through all of the options, good and bad, and trying to figure out which will do a good job, you should look at reviews from a reputable writing services review site. You can search for services that offer book editing and read the summaries, ratings, and recommendations – information that will let you find a match for your needs.

Top Writers Review is one place for you to do a much more targeted search for professional book editors who have background, experience, and a history of success. You can find one that will meet your needs and your budget.