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Best Book Review Websites for Every Student`s Needs

Kids are introduced to book reports in elementary school. They are pretty simple, just as they were for you at that age. You read a book; you wrote a summary of that book; you may have talked about your favorite character. Then, you stated whether you liked the book or not and why. If you try this at the high school or university level, chances are your instructor would laugh at you before giving you that “F” grade.

Somewhere along the line, you were taught the difference between a book report and a book review. And the books became far more sophisticated and complicated too. You know this, even if you read any of the following popular types, just for pleasure:

  • Fiction: Consider any of James Michener’s historical novels, for example. They are long, complex, and contain lots of conflicts, characters, and themes.
  • Romance: Not terribly deep but still has a number of characters and one or two themes
  • Mystery Classics: James Patterson has become a master of these
  • Science Fiction: A hugely popular genre of all age groups, most of which have themes related to the human condition
  • Christian Fiction: A new and growing genre that has quite a large following with notably religious themes

In academic settings, it is quite unlikely that you will be reading this type of literature, unless you take a specific course, such as one in science fiction. But you will get book reading assignments, and you will be required to write book reviews.

What is Involved in Writing?

Most instructors will require certain parts to be included in a book review, though they may vary between fiction and non-fiction.

For Fiction

There is a plotline, obviously, but this a minor part of it. Instead, the reviewer should mention parts of the plot only as they relate to conflicts, character analyses, and themes. These elements are the core of a fiction review.

For Non-Fiction

Authors of non-fiction works write to provide information to their readers – factual information. They will generally have a thesis statement, and the points they make will all support that thesis. Reviewers usually focus on the thesis of the work, the major points, and themes that are promoted throughout the book.

Is a Book Review Considered an Essay?

In general, yes, it is. You will have an introduction in which you pose your own thesis statement. And you will have body paragraphs that will cover the elements that your instructor specifies. Finally, you will have a conclusion that can include your own opinion of the piece, of course.

What if I Can’t or Don’t Want to Write?

You are in good company. Lots of students struggle with book reviews.

But there is help out there:

  1. First, there are a number of book review websites for students. Some are free, but good ones will usually require a purchase to download the review. Just be careful here. It’s easy to take the ideas and even the words of others and end up with a plagiarism charge from your instructor.
  2. Amazon offers reader reviews, and these can be somewhat valuable. However, they are not full reviews, such as those your instructor will require.
  3. There are also professional writing services where students can order online book reviews. If the companies are trustworthy and reliable, with expert writers, students can expect to get original and customized pieces.

How Do I Find an Online Book Review Site?

If you are wondering what is the best website for book reviews, your own searching will probably not be successful. There are just thousands of writing companies that offer review services, and all of them promise expert writers and original work based on your instructions. Many of them also advertise the best professional book editing services for authors.

Here is what you can do to find a trustworthy book review service. You can read our summaries and evaluations of writing services that do offer reviews. Many of them have a large database of reviewers, and they will be able to find someone who is intimately familiar with the book you need a review for, whether it`s famous or not. And what’s more, we have provided ratings of the services we have checked, so that you can choose one that will meet your needs.

Posted by Diana B., September 30, 2020