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Top Educational Websites and Services for Students

Top Educational Websites for Students

Technology has had a tremendous positive impact on modern education. The growth of the Internet has made information more accessible than ever, improving the learning process of people all over the world. The ease of publishing new information has also contributed to the popularity it has over traditional tools for education.

Why student websites when there are textbooks?

More and more websites dedicated to students appear, each having the following advantages in common. First of all, they are more visually appealing and engaging than textbooks. And when it comes to practical aspects, websites can have references that directly send you to the source of information. They can have you jump from a research article to a research article, offering the student multiple paths that will deepen their knowledge while still being intuitive. When you’re online, understanding what is unclear to you can often be fixed after just a little research. The practical advantages are obvious: educational websites are accessible almost anywhere, they do not take up room, they are cheaper (some of them free), and provide a more efficient way of learning.

It’s good to mention that universities may still require you to use textbooks as it stands. But these top essay services for students still offer massive value. Here are a few of our favorites:

1.Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a huge library of videos on topics such as math, science, programming, history, art, and more. The best part of it: it is free, and the tutorials offered are very high quality. The learning experience is also fun and interactive, allowing you to test your knowledge when you feel prepared. It offers the possibility of monitoring your progress.

2. Coursera

An extremely interesting proposition that consists of free online courses from top universities in the world. Areas covered are pretty large, ranging from math to business, computer science, biology, art, history, social sciences, and more.

Same as our previous choice, this website offers interactivity during your learning process, letting you take part in quizzes and viewing other people’s work.

3. KnowledgeNet

This is one of the most useful websites dedicated to those interested in the IT field. Its specialized content is excellent, and it also offers very good practical ways of testing your knowledge. There are exams that are very similar to Microsoft or Cisco, providing you with solid practice.

4. Udacity

Udacity is an educational website offering high-quality courses for all levels of knowledge. The website is focused on technology (programming, data analysis, good software practices, and more). Many courses are not free, but all that we found was of high quality.

5. Codeacademy

One of the most known educational websites for those looking to learn computer programming.  It has a variety of popular languages (HTML & CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and others). Being available both for free or with a paid subscription that unlocks more content, the website offers the interactivity needed to make progress faster and more engaging.

6. edX

This is a platform that offers free online courses from some of the best universities in the world. Subjects covered are diverse, ranging from math to biology, English, programming, and many more. One of the best educational sites for students.

For each course, there is also the possibility of receiving certification at the end (for a sum).

7. MIT Open Courseware

As the name would tell you, this website offers most of the MIT course curriculum for free. Having text, audio and video possibilities, the courses are fantastic, considering that they are provided by some of the best teachers in the world.

8. MIT Video

Similar to what we mentioned above, only in video form. The website offers a huge library of lectures on math, chemistry, physics, biology and more.

9. Stanford Online

Free courses on physics, chemistry, engineering, software, writing, language, economics and more, all offered by the prestigious Stanford University

10. Canvas Network 

Most of the courses are free and provided by numerous universities. Subjects are diverse, and courses can be in video or text form.

These are just a few of the best websites for college students. The online world is full of information that can make a real difference to people’s academic lives. Read our blog for more tips and information.

Posted by Diana B., November 01, 2016