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Grammar Editing Services for Essays

Grammar lessons began in elementary school. And for most of us, these were not our favorite lessons. They were boring – learning all about nouns, verbs, direct and indirect objects, types of sentences, and on and on. Over time, we graduated to writing paragraphs, then essays, then term papers, and we were expected to use all of that grammar we learned.

When you turned in those pieces of writing, chances are your teacher reviewed them, pointed out errors and often asked you to re-write your piece for a better grade.

Unfortunately, now that you are in high school or college, instructors are not so “forgiving.” You have essays to write in lots of subjects, and you don’t get a “re-do” – you just get a grade.

Why Grammar is Important in Academic Writing

It may be tough to accept that your writing will be judged on grammar, no matter what course you write for. But as you progress through your schooling, instructors will expect good grammar and penalize you if your writing has errors.

So, is good grammar important across all curricular areas? Absolutely.

And it’s easy to make grammatical errors while writing. This is why one of the steps in the writing process is to review and edit your first draft before crafting your final one for submission. And that includes a grammar edit. The goal is to catch those errors and fix them.

Common Grammatical Errors that Students Make

Academic writing is formal. This means that all of the “rules” of grammar must be followed. But students tend to get a bit sloppy because they are so used to texting and using informal language so much of the time.

If you intend to do your own grammar editing, watch for these common errors:

  • Contractions. These are forbidden in formal academic writing. Never use “it’s,” “can’t,” etc. These must be spelled out – “it is,” “cannot,” etc.
  • Sentence fragments. These are sentences that do not have a subject, verb, and complete thought. “While he was riding down the road” is a sentence fragment. What was he doing while riding down the road? Fragments are common when texting, and it’s easy to get sloppy when making the transition to formal academic writing.
  • Punctuation. This area of grammar is known as “mechanics.” It is the proper use of period, commas, semi-colons, colons, quotation marks, etc.

Editing for grammar and mechanics is all part of reviewing and fixing your rough draft. And if you intend to do your own, you will need to do a lot of grammar editing practice until you get good enough at it. In the meantime, your grades may suffer.

So, what other options at this point? One obvious option is to make use of the best proofreading services by online writing companies.

How Do You Get an Essay Grammar Editor?

First, you will need to find a professional and trustworthy academic writing agency – one that provides “edit my paper” services. Most do. Then you will order up editing service, and an essay grammar editor will be assigned. That expert will go through your entire piece of writing and correct grammatical errors.

If you choose this route, you should use editing as a learning experience, so that over time, you can begin to edit your own work. Review the edits that the expert has done, and learn from them.

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Can You Use Free Grammar Editing Options?

There are some free essay grammar editor products online, to be sure. One very popular one is Grammarly. Students can upload their writing pieces and the software will run a grammar check and point out errors. However, the free service will not fix those errors nor will it make recommendations. That will be up to you.

Editing grammar is not fun, nor is it easy. And it has been made harder because all of us are “victims” of the informal and grammatically incorrect written communication that we do on a daily basis with our friends.

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Posted by Diana B., September 28, 2020