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The List of Apps to Help You with Homework

We all have subjects we love; we all have subjects we hate; and there are others we are just sort of “lukewarm” about. And here are the results of those feelings:

  • We tend to do very well in those subjects we like. Why? They are interesting to us, we focus more on classroom instruction, and we are motivated to do the homework assignments.
  • We tend not to do well in subjects we hate. Why? Because we don't focus on classroom instruction, we do not master the skills and concepts taught, we procrastinate on those homework assignments, and we do poorly on tests.
  • We get very average grades in courses we are “lukewarm” about.

But here's the reality. Every course grade factors into your overall GPA. And your homework assignments become a big part of your course grades.

Why Instructors Assign Homework

There really is a purpose for homework. Instructors teach something in class. They then provide examples and models of what they have taught – this is called the application of that skill or concept. They assign homework so that you can practice the application of that skill or concept and, hopefully, “cement” that skill or knowledge into the memory centers of your brain.

If you haven't focused in class, then you are sunk when you face that homework. And if you have been absent when a critical skill has been taught, you can be in trouble when it comes to getting the related homework done.

But there is help out there, in the form of homework helping apps. If you have a smartphone (iPhone or Android) or any other device, then you have access to these with simple downloads.

What Type of Homework Doing App Do You Need?

There is a huge variety of homework software out there, in the form of websites and apps. And you have so many options:

  • Some of the top homework apps are comprehensive, that is, they cover all subject areas. Many are subscription-based. You purchase that subscription, and you can then ask for help in any field. For example, you may have tough math problems. Upload those problems and get your answers.
  • Most homework apps for college students have free and premium versions. The free version will just supply an answer; the premium version will also provide detailed steps and explanations of how a solution was found.

The decision you have to make is whether you just want an answer to a homework problem or whether you want more help that includes explanations and help. We recommend that you consider the latter. Whether you need help with a tough physics problem or a serious review of an essay or paper you have written, you need to understand the solutions so that you can perform well on a test where an app can't help you.

So, What is the Best App to Use? 

Again, when choosing a homework doing app, you have to decide what you actually want. Do you just want the best homework cheat websites for answers, or do you want homework help websites for college students that will provide explanations along with those answers?

Again, our advice is this: if you want an app that does homework for you and nothing else, you may be in trouble when that test comes along.

Do You Provide Reviews of Apps and Websites?

Yes, we have some assignment writing services reviews for you. Remember, there are hundreds of homework help apps and websites, and we have looked at a lot of them for you, providing ratings and summary reviews of what they offer. You can search on our site for “my homework help reviews” and find what is the best app for homework for your individual needs.

Suppose, for example, you have a lot of essays and papers to write, and you need help with those. You can find the best online websites for homework writing assignments that we have found. As an example of those, take a look at My Homework Done reviews. These include services from reviewing and editing the writing pieces you have already produced to actually producing original essays and papers for you.

We urge you to check out all of our reviews of homework help apps and websites. Decide which type of help you need, and then decide what is the best app for homework that will match what your needs are at the moment. It may not be the one you need next week or semester, but you can always find another on our site that will.

Posted by Diana B., November 23, 2020