How to Be a Good Student – Pay Attention and Play the Game

We’ve all heard the lectures. Being a good student means going to class, putting on your “listening ears,” taking notes, and getting those assignments in on time. And for the most part, this advice is correct. Students who get good grades basically do this. If you are not getting the grades you want, however, here are a few tricks that will help you figure out how to become a better student.

Pay Attention in Class

Sorry, but there is important stuff in those lectures and slides, and you are going to have to focus on the information you are being given. So, here’s what you do.

·         Sit in the front row – I know it’s painful, but you’ll be thankful later on.

·         Stop texting and put our phone in camera mode

·         Listen to the lecture, take notes, and get a picture of every slide and of everything your professor puts on that whiteboard. Use zoom, so it is really readable later on.

·         Make eye contact with our instructor or professor and nod your head often – it’s impressive

When You Get Back to Your Room

Type up your notes and make a folder for them on your desktop. Just typing them puts them in your head again, and when you pull them out to study for a test, your memory will be better. And transfer those pictures into that folder too. Date your notes and the photos, so you know they go together.

Stop Procrastinating With Those Assignments

The daily assignments are mostly reading, so the only smart thing to do is not get behind by putting it off. People have tried that old trick of putting the book under their pillows at night, hoping to absorb the content – it doesn’t work.

As you read, take notes on your computer – If you do this, you have condensed the content, and you don’t have to re-read the text the night before the final. This does work.

Are you getting the idea now? Learning how to be a better student is really learning how to get more organized.

Accept Your Failings

You are not perfect, and there are those long-range assignments that tend to creep up without your conscious awareness. All of a sudden, they are due – those essays and papers – and you go into panic mode. There isn’t enough time. You have a couple of options:

  1. Here’s where the finesse comes in. Remember how you have been sitting in the front row, looking intently and nodding? It may come in handy now. Go see that professor and ask for an extension. You might just get it since s/he thinks you’re a serious student.
  2. When all else fails, or if you know our writing skill development stopped somewhere back in middle school, find a reputable online writing service, and get those papers ordered up.

So, what makes a good student? Exactly what you are doing now if you follow these tips!

Posted by TopWritersReview, July 12, 2021