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Advantages of Google Docs Proofreading and Editing

Most people who write essays, articles, or stories heard about Google docs and Google docs proofreading, but only some of them know how to use this system. It’s unfortunate because it offers a huge number of benefits completely free of charge, and every writer could improve and secure their work with its help. Even if your language skills are amazing, you’ll need someone else to take a look at what you wrote because typos, punctuation issues, and other problems are inevitable. Even editors themselves might miss a thing or two. Google docs is an application where you can find several types of assistance.  In this guide, we’re going to give detailed explanations along with tips that’ll make your work easier.

Google Docs: The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. Google docs is a free app developed by Google that allows writing, editing, and proofreading essays. It has a user-friendly interface, so all people need is their intuitive understanding. For creating and editing on Google docs, they only have to create a Gmail account. Most of us already have one, but if you don’t, no worries — it’ll take just a minute to make it. When it’s done, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Google Drive.
  2. You’ll see a colorful ‘+ Create’ sign in the upper left corner of the page. Click on it.
  3. Several options are visible. Choose Google docs.
  4. Now you see a blank page. Start creating!

Collaboration and Why You Need It

How to edit a document in Google docs? People could do it themselves like they would in a Microsoft Word file or they could start collaboration. It’s one of the best features of this app because you don’t have to copy a document for your friend or send it to them via email. There is also no need to do any extra formatting that might be ruined or lost during the transfer: you can share your document exactly in the way you created it. Google docs allows giving access to any person you want, and you could pick between two major options. Click the “Share” button: you can see it in the upper right corner near your profile icon. Then pick between the following options:

  • Sharing your text with anyone who has a link. If you settle on this option, editing Google docs app will generate a link for you. Send it to whomever you want, and every person who gets it will be able to access your file. Let’s imagine you want to hire the best resume editor service: you don’t know who exactly is going to take on your task, so you just share a link when placing your order and later experts start their work.
  • Limited sharing for enhancing security of your file. Choose this option in case you worry about security and want only a specific person to access your file. You’ll need to type in their email address or their name. Having a Gmail account for editing in Google docs is preferable but not necessary.

Ways of Collaborating in Google Docs

How to allow editing on Google docs and ensure fruitful collaboration? Users need to follow just a couple of steps. For helping understand them, we’ll attach screenshots — they can guide students as they are opening access to their text.

  1. Click “share”. Then choose one of the options we’ve discussed above (access through a link or limited sharing).
  2. If you want to share access and allow Google docs online editing through a link, click on it and then choose in what way you’d like to collaborate with others. There are three options: viewer, commenter, and editor.  ‘Viewer’ means that a person will simply read what you wrote. They can tell you what they thought in a private conversation later. ‘Commenter’ allows leaving comments on any parts of the text — if something sounds bad or strange, a person will leave their remark. ‘Editor’ means that they won’t just comment, but also edit things they don’t like. Make a choice and click “done.”
  3. If limited access via email address sounds better, pick a name of a person from the available list of your contacts or type their email address. Then click “send”. It’s done: people you indicated are going to receive a notification.
  4. How to check who edited a Google doc? Just open the page with your text. The names of people suggesting changes are displayed right there.
  5. If there are many comments, open “comment history”. It’s located near the “share” button.  You could see which suggestions come from whom there. Browse through them and choose what actions you’d like to do with them next. This helps you establish a dialogue with an editor and ask a question or accept their suggestion.
  6. How to edit documents in Google docs? If you yourself are an editor, choose a part of the text and click “comment.” An owner of the document will see it: they’ll either get the notification or read your suggestions after opening the page.

Try Google Docs Editing to Correct Mistakes

There are many learning to proofread tips and techniques out there, but unfortunately, perfecting your language skills isn’t easy. It takes time, and not everyone has enough knowledge to make their text flawless from the first try. Here are relevant steps to take if you want Google to check everything through its own tools and make automatic suggestions.

  1. Turn on “spell check” in your Google docs essay. It’s marked as the letter “A” in the left upper corner of the page, right below the “edit” option. You could also do that through “Tools”. Find it in the crow below the title of your document.
  2. The system starts making suggestions. Click “accept” or “ignore” for each Google docs edit.
  3. Pick “more” if you want to accept or ignore all suggestions at once. It’s especially useful in cases when you need urgent improvement and doesn’t have time to look at everything closely.
  4. As an extra feature, you could add some specific words into your personal dictionary to make Google docs recognize them. Do that if the system strikes down unique names, locations, made-up words that have a place in your text, etc. When you no longer need it, choose “remove a word from your dictionary.”  

Autocorrect is available in 5 languages so far. These include English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. People can turn it on and off whenever they like. Those who want more professional input could read essay proofreading services reviews and pick one of the top companies that’ll help them.

Reviewing Your Edits to Make Sure Everything Look Fine

After each Google docs editor made their contribution, it is time to do a quick overview and make certain that you have no questions. Click “Tools” again. The third option from above is “review suggested edits.” You could also press Ctrl + Alt + U to activate this function. Once again, you’ll see all changes made in the file: they are located one by one, so it is easy to accept or reject them. That’s it, now you can do whatever you want with your document, knowing it reads and sounds good.

Add-Ons That Could Help with Your Writing

When you edit Google docs, there are some add ons that could make the whole process easier. Next to “tools,” there’s “add ons” option. Click on it. Choose “get add-ons” and review the list you see in there. Here’s what Google docs offer:

  • MathType. This service helps writing math equations freely, with no complications from formatting or other issues.
  • Lucidchart. This is a great add-on for Google docs editing: it helps those who collaborate on creating graphs, charts, etc.
  • Doc to form. People who want to turn their texts into a form of some sort (like CV) can use this option.
  • EasyBib. This citation generator could help you format your bibliography in several minutes.

Use Google Docs and Look for More Types of Help

As you see, it’s easy to make Google proofread your works or let others do it through the Google docs program. Don’t be overwhelmed by numerous steps: with this guide, you have learned how to do everything. After that, opening files and collaborating might turn into a habit! If you have a large project and need help with it, read the best dissertation editing services reviews and pick the companies you like most. Professional assistance with editing and proofreading is vital when your education is at stake.

Posted by Diana B., October 01, 2020