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How to Proofread an Essay on Microsoft Word or Google Docs: Practical Advice

Uggh. It’s the least popular element of crafting a piece of academic writing, a letter, a resume, or any other type of document. We’re talking about proofreading, of course.

You have spent a lot of time writing that essay or paper, maybe letters to potential employers, or a resume or cover letter, and just want to be done with it. So why proofread a document you have worked so hard on?

Well, try this on for size. Unless those minor mistakes are fixed, your instructor or the receiver of your letter, resume, or other documents will find them. You will then have lower grades or your letters/documents will end up in “file 13,” the trash bin.

What’s worse is that you may not be really good at finding these mistakes yourself. Another uggh. In short, look for someone to provide the best resume editor service and fix them for you. Fortunately, you do have some options to get this done.

Here are Your Options

  1. Find a friend who has the English skills to help you. Of course, that friend has to be available and not tied up in their own work at the time you need them.
  2. Use one of our highly-rated online writing services that provide professional proofreaders. Simply access one of these top-rated companies and say, “proofread my document,” “proofread my letter,” “proofread my essay,” place that order, and get it done quickly.
  3. Use the document proofreading service that is offered by Microsoft Word – it’s pretty good too. If choosing this option, read on.

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Using Microsoft Word to Proofread Your Writing

Most writers do not know that Word has a proofreading option, much less know how to proofread in Word. Everyone understands spell and grammar check, but you can get more. Word can also highlight other possible mistakes that you will want to look at – comma issues, or words that are spelled right but that may be used incorrectly (e.g., there, they’re, there; your, you’re; then, than; two, too, two, etc.).

So, here is how to get that done:

  1. Click the “proofing icon” at the bottom of the Word document page:

  1. Word will automatically check for spelling and grammar. You can always turn this off if it becomes a bother, but better not.
  2. Potential mistakes will pop-up for you to have a look-see, and there will be suggestions for fixing either the spelling, grammar, or punctuation. You can always click the “ignore once” option if you are sure that the text is correct and Word is wrong.

Proofreading in Word is simple and direct. It is not, however, perfect. And you need to understand this if you use no other source for check.

How Can Someone Learn to Proofread?

The short answer is becoming an expert on grammar and mechanics. If you are not such an expert, then there is some learning to do. And there are lots of online sources that can be used for practice. They will supply worksheets for practice, and provide learning to proofread tips and techniques.

But you get it. This is not a short-term fix for your immediate needs. And you really have to be motivated to do this, at a time when there are other apps and writing services that can do it for you quickly and at a low cost. Which is the better option?

If you really want the best proofreading, bite the bullet and find a professional who can get the job done quickly. While apps, proofreading software, and even Microsoft Word can give a good result, you probably want more than just “good.” Check out some essay proofreading services reviews that will give you places to go for perfect proofreading. Then, you are not taking any chances.

Posted by Diana B., October 01, 2020