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List of 110 Unique Informative Essay Topics for Students

Speaking about good informative essay topics it is necessary to clarify how this type of writing differs from the others. Unlike in creative or argumentative writing, informative papers provide an insight into subject matter or a particular theme. They take various forms from a short paragraph to a report. Although a thesis statement in such essays may not be formally required, it is still necessary to articulate it at the end of the introduction. So that it indicates those aspects that will be discussed in the essay and serves as a roadmap for readers. Topics for informative essay are those that the reader would find interesting or surprising, as it’s meant to teach something new. One of the examples of this type of writing would be an article in a school newspaper about some event or a recipe for a cherry pie.

Table of Contents

  1. Tips for Choosing A Topic
  2. Interesting Topics
  3. Ideas for College Students
  4. Informative and Surprising Topics
  5. Easy Topics
  6. Social issues
  7. Religion
  8. Technology
  9. Education
  10. Business and Economics
  11. Politics, Government & Immigration

Tips for Choosing A Topic for Informative Essay

Regardless of its length and form, writing an informative essay may be really hard. Main obstacle in this process would be to come up with a topic that will be both interesting for the reader and not too hard for the writer. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect balance:

  • Look for the original idea

Just think of how boring it would be to read about one and the same thing over and over again. Would you keep focused and engaged in receiving the same information several times? Probably not. Brilliant informative writing topics are fresh and original. And it does not depend on the subject matter of the paper but rather on the perspective. It is always possible to tell about something familiar in an unusual way or to illuminate one of its aspects that commonly is not given much attention. A good example of it can be found in a series of short stories The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien where the events in the Vietnam War are described through equipment and personal belongings of the soldiers. The main point here is to find a unique side of something to tell about. So there is a huge space for informative essays ideas to choose from. Just keep in mind principle of making your writing genuine.

  • Find your passion

There are things in this world that you care about. Let’s suppose it is astronomy. You have a huge celestial map on the wall, dozens of books, a model of the solar system, and maybe even a telescope. Soon some interesting celestial spectacle is about to take place – this is your perfect chance to do something you enjoy and to share your knowledge with your readers. Depending on your interests there may be hundreds of informative topics to write about and feel super motivated in the process. Do you like fashion? Then why not write about upcoming Fashion Week? The more you are personally keen on the topic, the easier and more joyful is your essay writing process.

  • Brainstorm

Looking at a blank sheet on your screen or in the notebook and being motionless? Feeling like your brain is a desert, and it is possible only to hear the wind blowing in it? There is a way to find inspiration for informative essay topic ideas without much effort. Turn on your favorite music and take a sip of a favorite drink. Then sit down and start writing whatever comes to your mind. Just literally every random word combination that pops up. In about 2 to 5 minutes something worthy will start emerging. If not, keep going, and eventually a good idea will come. Sometimes it is very useful to set one’s mind free and just dive into an unconscious creative process. One’s brain can always keep some easy informative essay topics deep inside. They just need to be retrieved and given life. 

  • Mind the reader

Starting point for picking a topic should always be defining the reader. Ask yourself “Who is the paper intended for?” Your teacher? Other students? Visitors of your website? What age are they? Middle school? High school? Do they have any particular hobbies or interests? All these and other parameters matter when you need to choose a topic for an essay that intends to teach the reader. Some of the Interesting informative essay topics for college students might include but are not limited to some recent trends in subjects they learn, popular music, news on campus, social media, and technology. It is as important as audience when delivering a speech. One wouldn’t tell preschoolers about importance of voting in upcoming elections. In the same way, one would not write a text that would be irrelevant to the reader.

  • Make it manageable

It is always necessary to define your scope. What does it depend on? Oh, this is very easy, the scope depends on the word count required. It means that some informational essay topics can be discussed thoroughly in a 2-page paper while others require at least 1800 words. Will it be possible to discuss popular styles of women’s dresses during the Victorian era in a short paragraph? Probably not. But this word count will likely be sufficient enough to describe new iPhone model which is about to be released soon. It follows that one should always mind approximate essay length when deciding about what to write. If you pick a prompt that requires a lot of details to be discussed but then try to squeeze it into a tiny essay, it will end up being too generic. 

So, it is necessary to choose such informative essay prompts that would allow us to fully illuminate the issue. Details make an essay interesting and engaging. Make sure not to bite off more than you can chew and your writing will be absolutely outstanding.

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List of Original Informative Essay Ideas

In other types of writing, for example in argumentative, students are often given one specific prompt they need to write about. However, informative papers often require more creativity. This is often the reason why students are encouraged to choose a topic on their own. It can be not an easy task since given too much freedom one might feel at a loss. But there are a few things to remember about informative essays: present background information in the first paragraph, discuss all aspects within essay’s body (keeping in mind that 1 paragraph should be devoted to 1 general idea) and sum it up in the conclusion. There are myriads of informational writing topics to come up with. Here are some of them that would work well for an English class:

Interesting Informative Essay Topics

  • Fighting the fear of flying

  • Boost confidence: steps & action plan

  • Great ideas for a birthday party

  • Clubhouse: purpose & popularity

  • Tips on skincare for lazy ones

  • Guide on shooting a viral video for TikTok

  • How to move belongings to a new place?

  • Cut off unnecessary expenses

  • Most expensive country to live in

  • Unusual hobbies everyone should try out

Informative Essay Ideas for College Students

  • Get good grades: 5 easy tricks

  • Becoming financially secure in 7 steps

  • Music to listen to when studying

  • Managing time effectively?

  • Tips for studying based on predominant learning style

  • Making use of online courses

  • Best ways to prepare for exams

  • Making notes effectively?

  • Tips for reading

  • How not to get distracted when studying

Informative and Surprising

  • What is the true meaning of some emojis?

  • Freakiest foods worldwide

  • Traveling tips if you’re broke

  • Top 10 allusions in popular movies you missed

  • Do 5-minute crafts really work?

  • Most translated website in the world

  • Why is gold so valuable?

  • Grab reader’s attention from the first paragraph

  • Do you comb your hair correctly?

  • Most unusual names worldwide

Easy Informative Essay Topics

  • Is global warming so dangerous?

  • Why you need to brush your teeth

  • Difference between the Old and New testament

  • Biggest stadiums around the globe

  • History of St. Valentine day

  • Becoming a Knight in the United Kingdom

  • How obesity affects health?

  • Why is the sky blue?

  • Shakespeare problem

  • Is eating salt unhealthy?

Titles on Social issues

  • Why does homelessness exist?

  • Problem of PTSD treatment for veterans

  • Is home violence a widespread issue?

  • Ageism on the job market

  • Should healthcare be free?

  • Substance abuse issues

  • Can a glass ceiling be broken?

  • Need for mental health awareness

  • How poverty drives criminal activity?

  • What modern-day feminism is fighting for?


  • Was Jesus Christ a real person?

  • Is religion connected with terrorism?

  • Difference between Judaism and Christianity

  • Why Muslims do not eat pork?

  • Features of polytheistic religions

  • Difference between Buddhism and Hinduism

  • Is substance abuse a sin?

  • Ancient Egyptian religion

  • What is known about the life of Jesus Christ?

  • Most beautiful churches around the world

Good Informative Research Paper Topics for Students

Research paper differs from an essay in one particular thing – a study that needs to be conducted for it. Research papers could be experimental (you test some hypothesis and draw conclusions from your findings) or be based on synthesis or other findings. The first part of this type of writing is to collect information needed for the chosen prompt. Then comes hardest and most important stage, which is the analysis of gathered data. Once this step is completed, it is possible to start writing. Some topics to write an informative essay on are similar to those for a research paper. However, the main difference here is that in research one needs to answer a question posed. In other words, discuss a topic from the point of scientific inquiry. Below is the list of some easy and cool prompts for research:

Technology Informative Essay Prompts

  • Is it possible to construct an eternal engine?

  • Security of personal data on social media

  • How Hyperloop is working?

  • Is antimatter possible?

  • Looming problem of finite IP numbers

  • How ancient buildings were constructed without equipment?

  • AI Possibilities & Features

  • How are cryptocurrencies mined?

  • Dangers of identity theft online

  • How to save energy?


  • Is sex education needed?

  • Advantages of school uniform

  • Should tuition be free?

  • Do we need a standard curriculum?

  • Why teaching children to read at a very young age may be harmful?

  • Benefits of online learning

  • Why is it important to know one’s learning style?

  • Best colleges around the world

  • Should students be graded for PT?

  • Benefits of bilingual learning

Business and Economics Topics for Informative Essay

  • How immigration issue affects economics

  • Invest money wisely: 5 simple hacks

  • Dangers of microcredits

  • What makes a good business idea?

  • Best business schools worldwide

  • Is it possible to vanish poverty?

  • Should companies stick to CSR principles?

  • Who are business angels?

  • Business practices of Amazon

  • What is world’s financial center?

Politics, Government and Immigration

  • Anti-abortion laws global trend

  • Consequences of overpopulation in prisons

  • How government can support environment conservation

  • Presidents who have made a huge difference

  • Why do we need diplomatic relationships?

  • Scope of intelligence agencies

  • Is illegal immigration a serious issue?

  • Most scandalous impeachments

  • Should we support asylum seekers?

  • How Gandhi managed to free India from the British reign without violence?

Choose Best Informative Essay Topics

The key thing in informative writing is to make it engaging. If you come up with an interesting idea for a topic, consider that the major part of the work is already done. Keep in mind the needs and interests of your reader and do not be afraid to be creative. In case you feel that you are not able to do it on your own, do not worry as you can always check the list of websites that write essays for you and seek assistance from true professionals.

Posted by Chris M., April 07, 2021