College Websites – “Hack” Your Way through School

Technology is a beautiful thing. It can keep you in touch with your parents (especially when you need money); it can keep you in touch with old friends from high school; it can help you study, manage your money, and find all sorts of information to make your college life easier. Below are listed the most popular websites for college students, divided by category. Keep it handy for those times of need!

Use College Websites Themselves

Most students don’t think about going onto their own college’s website, but here’s the thing. These sites are managed by students themselves, in cooperation with the campus IT department, and they are updated almost daily. Here you will find loads of stuff about campus services, activities, coming events, and posts that relate to studying, writing, and time management – all very helpful.

Check out Unigo. This site provides reviews and information on virtually every college and university in existence. If you are still in high school looking for a college or a current student looking to transfer, this is straight talk from actual and former students.

Study Sites for College Students

Here’s a listing of great sites that will help you study or organize yourself for study.

  1. Ice Cream Apps: this is cloud software that helps students take screenshots, prepare slides, make videos for presentations, and convert from one media genre to another. Very cool site!
  2. Pocket: this great little app lets you save articles and other stuff you find as good resources for essays and papers but don’t have time to read right now. Save them and read them on your own time in the comfort of your own room or apartment.
  3. Study Blue: You can make flashcards from your lecture notes and readings and save them for when you have to study for exams – saves going through your text and lecture notes all over again!
  4. Copyscape: Use this little app to make sure that what you have written doesn’t contain any plagiarism. You just paste that essay or paper in and let it do its thing.
  5. Grammarly: If you want a more comprehensive app for plagiarism heck and for grammar checking as well, this app is great. There is a one-time fee, but then you have it forever.
  6. Open Study: Can’t get a study group together on campus? That’s okay. This site lets you find other students from anywhere who want to collaborate on course study. Join any of this huge number of groups, all categorized by academic field and course.
  7. If you need to use an academic writing service, make sure you find a good one. This site publishes great reviews about online writing services, so you can pick one that you know is reputable.

Sites for College Students Who Need to Take Control of Their Finances

  1. Mint: Running out of money toward the end of each month? You can track your spending, item by item, and see where you can cut expenses. Then set up a budget for yourself. Great for now and in the future.
  2. Photius: Here’s a site that gives you the “lowdown” on sales, special pricing, and discounts, and coupons – everything from clothes and food to music and entertainment.
  3. Overdrive: This app works with your local library (yes, get a card – it’s free) so that you can download any book you need to read, free!
  4. Post Your Book: Here’s a site where you can sell you used textbooks to other students who are looking for a bargain. Search for used books too!
  5. Need some extra cash? Check out blog posts on this site for great ideas for freelancing while in school.

General Websites for College Students

Here are a couple of favorites for just general hacks for college life:

  1. HackCollege: This is a type of survival guide for virtually any need you have, from dealing with crap roommates to eating on $10 a week. Everything is organized by category for easy navigation.
  2. Yes, his one was mentioned previously, but it is also a great site for just general student lifestyle challenges. Again, everything is categorized.

Go forth! Use these sites and get control of your life.

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