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avatar Atticus

Atleast they said that they are sorry for not delivering my papers…

avatar Saif

If I wouldn’t sleep 3 nights and days in a row, the papers I would write would probably look the same as theirs.

avatar Ameerah


If you can't write, just don't do that and you wont spoil others day

avatar Huzaifah


they were rude, charged too much and I still didn’t get my essay!!!

avatar Payton

The quality of the work wasn’t bad just not what I expected

avatar Meg

It wasn't exatcly what I asked for but atleast some part of it was usable

avatar Peyton

I wish I could turn back time and just ignore my collegue advice to hire a writer from you

avatar Suzannah

What can I say? People that work here definetally aren’t writers.

avatar Soraya

People were so nice to me and they really tried to help! They lack some writing skills so just a little bit more training and they could be good.

avatar Izzie


I don't know how to call their workers but writers isnt the right word for it