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avatar Sam

Price too high for such a service. I got a lot of mistakes and a lot of problems at college for my own money.

avatar Judyth

I had some family issues and had no inspiration to work upon my project. I don’t want write a lot(( They helped me to stay in the university. Sorry for not being too emotional)

avatar Elio

Average price, average service and unfortunately average quality. But if you need your essay written asap you can give it a try.

avatar Corinne


I didn't get it. It does the same exact thing as Grammarly but the interface isn't that convenient and pleasant to use. So.. nice try, paperrater.

avatar Twila

I wonder in what way will I get my paper – printed or electronic computer version?

avatar Stive

My teacher hates plagiarism in any kinds of works. And I hate to reflect my thoughts in the paper. I decided to find the solution and paid these guys for helping me))) I was the only student with unique paper) I'm cool)

avatar Marion

I wish these guys paid as much attention to the orders as they care about their website. All in all, I cannot say that it`s even worth trying.

avatar Hellis

Hey! How do I check prices here? It's not good that I cannot see prices before placing my order(

avatar Kerie


It was hard to make sure they were writing all in an accurate way. I was 100% right when had a bad feeling of not trusting them. I don`t recommend any of you working with them, many disappointments instead of benefits.

avatar Marcus

Not super. Could have been better. Maybe next time it will?!