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avatar Gladys

After second revision I still didn't get a perfect essay. It lacked case studies and referred to ancient surveys that are no more relevant. And they refused to rewrite it for free, said that the topics was too technical. Oh really? And what do you need your PhD writers for, then?

avatar Joana

Perfect! Just got feedback from my professor. He says that he has never expected me to write such great papers) Thanks guys! The only thing is, please, do not make my papers as good as you did the last time - with my lower than average grades my teachers wont believe that it is me who do them)

avatar Jared

Beautiful and comprehensive descriptive essay from I got last week. I made the fully right decision when picked them up. A+

avatar Lorelai

I got a good discount for the delay but it cannot change my “C”. I am a bit disappointed. Thank you for the quality though.

avatar Tomas

@Jenny Oh, really? What the hell you are talking here about??? They have the most wonderful Customer Support Department! These girls are so sweet) and are always helpful.

avatar Rachel

If you need some SPSS project to be done - it's the right spot for you. I was even surprised with the quality) Great job!

avatar Vendell


I didn`t like what they did for me. I didn`t like the way we communicated, and I eternally disliked their "professional" writings, as they call it.

avatar Henry

I cannot say that I was satisfied. My paper was done on time but it had far too many mistakes. They offered to rewrite it for free but the impression was spoiled anyway.

avatar Theo J

The website itself is nice and convenient to use. But after all the biddings and negotiations the resulting price is twice higher than the initial. I believe it's still possible to find an okay writer for a reasonable price but you definitely have to spend a ton of time.