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avatar Charlotte MyHomeworkDone



I waited for my order for two weeks and then decided to place an order at another service. They managed to finish this task in 3 days. I don`t know what`s wrong with MyHomeworkDone if they believe they can let down students in such a way.

avatar lloyd

they've sent a research with mistakes and missing out a point from guideline. when I tried to reach them and ask for review, they never replied. it was not too bad but i had to fix it myself.

avatar Mann

This is fantastic! I couldn't even imagine that academic papers will be some day written so easily!

avatar Diana

Affordable price for excellent writing services - what else could one wish for? To one of my pleasures they had given me a discount as well as a quality assurance report! I`m grateful!

avatar Eve Black

Eve Black

It's close to impossible to contact their client support! It feels like they have one employee for the entire call center. What's more, they don't even have Toll-free. What quality can one expect from a company that doesn't even want to talk with their customers?

avatar Kelly

Native speakers just cannot make such silly mistakes so don`t lie about working with American writers! I don`t recommend this service to anyone who hasn`t used to wasting time and money.

avatar Alan

They won`t write a phd disseration for you but ok for some minor assignments like essays and various compositions.

avatar Jessica

The service is SAFE! It's rather old, I mean, you can tell from their design that it's like from the beginning of 2000. Anyways, if you want it to be more real and not go from like C's to A's you can ask them to make some intentional mistakes. They are good not only at perfect service, but also making it look like you did the job yourself.