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avatar Angelena


I have tried it once and I’ll be using it again in future for sure.

avatar Krystall

How great, that I can communicate directly with the writer! It makes all the clarification of instruction much easier! Thank you!

avatar Callie

@Mattie Hi there. I am Callie. I've ordered couple of researches and a term paper. All the papers came in fine. Good written and the APA formatting correct. No money scams or anything. I paid with my card. Got As for the papers. I've chosen the service as I got it recommended by my co-worker. She said they were good, and that's the point I try to bring forward. They're of help an trustworthy too.

avatar Harry

Happily finished my co-working with them. Actually, I`m more sure that it was the last time I was working with them. There are too many problems caused than solved.

avatar Levi

I have this website bookmarked and check it out each time I feel stuck. They offer some real good writing samples and I regret I can't refer to them in my assignments. Can't say much regarding their paid services, I order writing and editing from another company for a lower price.

avatar Patricia


Way better than I expected. I paid less than other websites asked to pay for the same services. And in the end, they even gave me a discount for a delay. I`m completely satisfied.

avatar Melanie

Too many useless examples of essays written on the website before and too little info on how to place an order in the first place.

avatar John

I didn’t really know what I was paying for the first time I ordered a paper. But their service turned out to be worth it in result.

avatar Miranda


Poor! Don`t like their services and definitely don`t recommend! What`s even worse, is that they don`t give any guarantee to develop anything even close to look like a high quality. Doesn`t worth!