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avatar Anna C

Anna C

It's my first experience with papernow and I won't recommend it to my enemy. I don't know, maybe it would be helpful for those who wants to be kicked out of the uni.

avatar Shaan

I had a major argument with these guys as they don`t really stick to their promises. I ordered a 5-page essay with an additional page (!) for conclusions. They sent me a 4-page piece with everything included. I tried to explain that I needed a different thing but their manager started being rude and then, just quit the conversation.

avatar Ayisha

next to impossible to contact and get at least some information on how things are going. dont appreciate the attitude

avatar Bela

I've been using Unemployed Professors for over a year and I used to love this service! Unfortunately my last two orders came late and I wasn't informed. That's very upsetting(

avatar Amy

NOT trustworthy! I`ve been waiting for my order for almost 3 weeks!!!

avatar Nylah

Got my essay on Virginia Woolf on time and for a very fair price. Not the best text written but let it be. Maybe will work with this company again.