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avatar Alex

Ordered a simple historical essay that I really could have written myself. Anyways, took me calling to check on the paper AFTER 8 hours to find out that they had questions about what was needed... That was simply BS... Also, all the information that was needed is online, like historical facts and such, they told me that they could not find any... More BS, Everyone with any brains can find historical date online. Guess their Google is broken or something. DON'T USE THIS SERVICE.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

avatar Gilderoy

No sense of looking for any other custom writing service. The topessaywriting can do anything and even more - fast, easy and, what is even more important - affordable.

avatar Ron

I got a discount but it didn`t make up for the quality and completely useless support members.

avatar Lucy

Yeah, I really like the fact that you can order an essay for 6 hours and you will get it in time.

avatar Barbara

That is why such helpful services exist. Not only to save your time and money but also to make the studying process easier. So, you may feel pleasure and relax fully. essay writers are here to serve you and write the works for you.

avatar Jordan

Easy in usage and accurate in delivery. SmartCustomWriting shows all of its professional approaches every time you start working with them. Starting from a simple proofreading/editing and finishing with sophisticated papers like term papers or dissertations.

avatar Sam

Come on guys, such a high price for such poor papers! I only wasted my time ordering from you. Don`t follow in my footsteps.

avatar Dee

That's convenient that the price for papers is less if you order beforehand.

avatar Missy

Totally approve Smart Custom Writing service. In my list it takes the top prior position as it gives full range of writing help services. Thank you for being that helpful whenever I need it the most.

avatar Chloe

I didn`t even understand what happened. I contacted them, ordered a paper, paid the first installment and everything seemed fine. But in the end they didn`t deliver my paper at all and stopped answering me! That`s not how it`s supposed to work.