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avatar Rawanda

simply RUBBISH, received my assignment half done and get 27/100, waste of time and money, it was a big mistake to trust these people, they make you feel that you're going to get the best mark and everything fine but the reality is they don't know what they are doing unless its a 2nd grade maths assignment

avatar Megan

What a calamity with the paper. Can you imagine getting a wrong paper with a wrong topic? I couldn`t! But.. that was what I had got. SHAME ON YOU

avatar Mackenzie


Not trustworthy at all. They took the whole sum for my order and then disappeared for a few days. In the end, they sent me my paper on Chemistry buy it was too late for the deadline.

avatar Donna

I wanted to know whether I can have the writer who did one of samples do my paper. And they told me the writer wasn't available and refused to tell me the id but could not explain the reason.

avatar Grace

They promise a lot but don`t really stick to their promises. The manager told me that the paper would be done within 3 days but now after a week, I am still waiting.

avatar Donald Trump

Thanks to the writer who prepared my document with such perfection. Also, I would appreciate him for writing my project paper in so simple language. I could understood the topic very well. Really a big thanks to him!

avatar Cory

These people don't seem to be very professional. There were small issues with my essay.

avatar Piper

The paper I ordered was delivered much later than I needed! I know that I can't rely on essay jedii!

avatar Quinn


Their self-confidence is amazing. Since they don’t have many reviews out there, I think it’s natural for customers to ask for some free samples before placing a paid order, which I’ve done. What I was offered instead, was to download one of their template essays that presumably would be rewritten specially for me. OK, but how many times can you rewrite the same text before it starts being a copy?

avatar Caleb Essay WS


Essay WS

Disgusting. So many promises and so little was done in the end. I will never use this website again.