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avatar Colton

Nothing`s perfect and especially this service. Slow, unprofessional and pricey. Not recommended to students who expect to get high grades.

avatar Daniel

Nice website and a lot of affordable offers for students. Unfortunately, the quality they provide is not up to par.

avatar Lasey

Lasey has some great support team, but I had to polish my essay. The writer didn’t follow my guidelines precisely.

avatar David

I hoped for something better than just: sorry, did we miss the deadline? Not worthy one.

avatar Eva

I don't know, they just don't look good to me. The site itself looks like 2004 and they don't offer as many services as other companies within the same price range do. I called support to ask if I could choose a time interval longer than 5 days and they didn't give me any yes/no answer. They do write term papers and offer dissertation help which I doubt can be done within 5 days.

avatar Lillian


Awful website, poor quality, high prices and unresponsive support members. All things considered, not recommended.

avatar celery18


slow but expensive. don`t approve the attitude to customers

avatar Leslie

I've got the same question that you bring up here. What does a "certified" writer define if my into's got a mistakes to it? I wish I read this review before ordering. Had to make some changes to the paper they've sent.