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avatar Michael

How does anyone order on this service? I needed to clarify on my paper and instead of asking a question and hearing all the list of services they offer as it's basically a request to advertise themselves, these people limited themselves to one-two words responses. Literally couldn't get a word out of them.

avatar Albert

@Pamela, I asked the same question when I first placed an order. And a support girl politely assured me that all the employees of the company sign a non-disclosure agreement, so it’s not smth to be worried about.

avatar Tom

I had a very complicated essay to write and really did an excellent job! I got the paper on time and even surprised some of my colleagues with my writing skills!

avatar Tom

Average price, average service, average writers and average help. Nothing special. There are lots of same places.

avatar John

They`re quite slow, provide poor quality and have no discounts for loyal customers.

avatar Elizabeth


I hate that I can't exchange messages with the writer. Do they think I will find him in person using an IP or what? It only makes everything longer and steals precious minutes when an order is urgent.

avatar Nathan

I was desperate about delivering my essay on time, but really helped me out. Thank you for saving me! I sincerely recommend you to all of my friends!

avatar Margo

Nothing actually helpful behind the nice website design. Thanks to the company that had created it for them.

avatar Karagg

Don't expect any help from this company! Their prices are too high and the quality of their writing leaves a mountain to be desired. The customer service could be better too as they appear unhelpful most of the time.

avatar Natalia

This looks like a nice company. Ordered editing for my project since it is to be published and I'm nervous. The supports are friendly. I'll leave another comment as soon as receive the completed paper.