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avatar Christin

Their website is sooo cramped! There is no way for an adequate person to get to any useful information through this jungle. The only hope is for the client support chat but I can't trust a company that doesn't even try to invest into a decent website. Hello, your website is basically your entire business!

avatar Martin


I used Ultius services once quite a while ago and then switched to another company. Now I decided to give them a second chance.. and missed again. Their prices have raised even more and I can't see any change in the quality they deliver except for the new feature that tells you when to expect your order. I wish they'd work on timely delivery rather than on blunt recognition of their own incompetence.

avatar James MyMathGenius



Our school uses a bit different form of calculus notes than most. I believe that's done to detect cheating or whatever. I set specific requirements to notes in my task and they were all ignored.

avatar Rowe C.

Rowe C.

Don’t expect them to write you a great essay that will guarantee you high grades, ‘cause sometimes it works sometimes not. You can never be sure that writers follow the instructions. I have to check every paper I receive.

avatar Liland

Great writers. They write complicated papers but can write simple if you ask.

avatar Annabella


Live chat nor a toll-free - don`t work. It`s not even possible to find out what stage your order currently at., what would you say to that? Still claim to be professionals?!

avatar Anna

They can offer you nothing but bad quality and a considerable delay as a result. Keep looking. There are tons of way better services.

avatar Lily

Oh, they offer to pay double price for adding priority to my order. Yet, there is a 3-hour delivery option for all quality levels. So the question is, what am I offered to pay for, exactly? The support service couldn't give me an adequate answer.