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avatar LUKE

I HAVE HAD IT! The deadline came and went and I still don't have my thesis, my professors are on my case and these guys keep saying that they will deliver it tomorrow, well that tomorrow hasn't come yet! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

avatar Amanda

At first I didn`t even understand what was that. I mean, is it even a service or what is it?! What a shame that occurred to be just an average service without any benefits at all.

avatar Oliver

I like their newspaper-like design and interactive elements on the website (web designer detected, huh?). I don’t really understand why those beautiful responsive buttons do not have links to click? Therefore I was embarrassed for a fracture of a second and didn’t know how to navigate the site. Obviously they are not well-off since they can’t hire a good designer. Or, they are not well-off because their poor website drives customers away?

avatar Ruphert


Get what you want but in a completely different place. These writers can only write explanatory letters with explanations of: why we didn`t deliver your paper on time/ why we forgot to include some pages you had asked for/ why we didn`t give you a plagiarism report with a real thing/ why.... and so many other themes.

avatar Jean

well. I must admit - I was wrong. These guys are pretty good. I'm not sure if they may handle some theses or doctoral projects, but they do an outstanding research for my finals. ^^

avatar Servant

The poor loyalty program... What benefit can you get if order 50+ pages at once? You get 5% off discount. Okay, who would order 50 pages (it should be one paper) at once? The End.

avatar Garcia


I don't like their website. This "hello dear students" looks rather intimidating, don't you think? And the text is just on the edge of being too hard to read. If they can't take enough care of their website, that is actually their entire business, how can I expect them to care about my orders?

avatar Jason

Absolutely pathetic service! They do not tolerate either deadlines or paper instructions! Strongly recommend - PASS THEM BY!

avatar Felix


Original written from scratch? Hardly doubt that! At least, my paper consisted of 19,5% of copy-pasted text. How come? I asked the same and got no reply. Was my last time with them, 100%.