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avatar Mercy

Second rate service. How come that I'm not able to get in touch with their CSD?

avatar Carie

They are playing with customers. No truth would be told to you even if you scare them with the fines and social networks illustrations. DISGUSTING PLACE TO WORK WITH!

avatar Antoni

I am quite satisfied with my order. It wasn`t perfect but it wasn`t written that badly either. The staff were friendly and polite. I will definitely work with you again.

avatar Lucas


Friendly people who know how to write a good paper that can bring "B". The website is terrible.

avatar Forrest T. Harshaw

Forrest T. Harshaw

Though this website looks absolutely great, you should think over all pros and cons. And please, ask them to give you a discount - as some products are definitely overpriced.

avatar Blake

Their perfect testimonials make you believe they do some "perfect" work. In real life - not even close to be true. Highly recommend considering using a different place.

avatar Kristen

Not bad, I`d say. On time, without any major mistakes or typos and properly formatted. It`s definitely worth giving a try.

avatar Kalynn


If I could give this zero stars, I would. The paper I received from the writer was HORRIBLE. There were too many grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, run-on sentences and sentence fragments. I would understand if the errors were minor, but they were throughout the WHOLE paper. The writer did not follow my guidelines and I clearly explained to him/her what I wanted. When I got a so called revision there were very little changes and still did not follow my guidelines. When I told them about my dissatisfaction and didn't think I should have to pay for a paper I had to rewrite myself they offered me a %15 discount on the next order. NO. I will not be ordering from this company EVER again and will also be claiming the money back guarantee. If you are thinking about ordering a paper from here I highly suggest you do not.

avatar Kerri R. Morgan

Kerri R. Morgan

Average service. Nothing special. I don;t know why all these people are so excited about it. Getting second-rate projects with the late delivery and pay over $270 for this? No, thanks. I would better look somewhere else.

avatar Edumondo


You don`t save all those money listed on the left on their web-site. In fact, I believe I lost more than I gained. Totally worthless!