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avatar Ada May

Ada May

The review for essay lib depicts their work just right. They are not serious about what they do!

avatar Hazel

It was impossible to reach them over the phone. Only during the third try I was able to get an answer via the e-mail. No wonder they aren`t capable of high literature paper works.

avatar Alberta

I am not sure if their authors are as experienced as they claim to be. I needed to explain twice what kind of format I wanted and they managed to do the opposite.

avatar Henry

It's a great tool for grammar, spell check and uniqueness detection. I'm happy I found it since it helps me a lot! I tried the premium version too and I don't think it's worth the money though.

avatar Dylan

If you don`t expect "A" then you can order from these guys. They don`t provide high-quality but can guarantee you will get everything on time.

avatar Jerry

I ordered from Helpful Papers once (it was a short essay) and the paper I received was just fine. I turned it in no problem.

avatar Shu E. Barrera

Shu E. Barrera

Pretty good. Especially with their promos) It helps to save some penny)

avatar Martha

Some serious doubts are brought up based on their writing quality. PhDs to work with our papers? I don`t trust you! Neither should any of you!

avatar Brandon


This tool is okay, just like the most of grammar checkers out there. It doesn't always offer suggestions that comply with the context and sometimes misses things. I really like the plagiarism check option, but it could be faster. Haven't tried the paid option yet.

avatar Geraldine


My research paper needed multiple edits and I lost some time. I have to admit that the way I wrote the task could look somewhat vague to the writer though. The end result is fine.