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avatar Sabina

It seems that I'm not the only one who got unpleasant experience with this.

avatar Kiaan


The price is reasonable but the quality is mediocre at best. Can't say I am satisfied.

avatar Kali

The writers don't know how to write. Either you learn how to write or just don't do it anyre.

avatar Colin

truly uninspiring work. I didn’t expected much so atleast I wasn’t dissapointed

avatar Tamia

I don't think they are capable to understand others needs and that results in quite bad papers

avatar Caiden


I am writing this only because I don't want others to get baited into their service and pay money for nothing.

avatar Esme

First of all, it was very hard to navigate through their page, secondly the person that were suppose to write papers for med was very rude and at the end of it all I had to rewrite the essay because I couln't submit papers that is more than just plainly bad.

avatar Ashraf

If I would be responsible for their work - I would die from shame and embarrasement.