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avatar Trevor

The devil-in-the-details nature of this web writing company comes up right after you make your payment. Don`t believe them and the lies they will tell you - it`s better to stay out of it.

avatar Siquin

Not the best service.. writer isn't always there to answer and my essay was late. I know a better place than that

avatar Marcus


Wasted time on waiting for a proofreading and editing assistance. Don`t recommend them at all.

avatar Amy

If nerdy means boring, the title is a perfect fir for this company, I must admit. They have the most depressing order form, asking for additional materials, sources, examples of works that look like the one you'd like to have... Basically, by the time you are ready to send that form, you are half way to completing your paper on your own.

avatar Whitney

They are not really helpful. I needed help with the research and they googled the topic and reworded what was found in the first three links. ANd you can't really prove anything

avatar Josefina


Submitted a thesis for proofreading and they tweaked many sentences that the main though was lost completely! For all my complaints they poke me at their policy. Duh.

avatar Tony

I just had a paper done by them, and when i tried to call the number it had been DISCONNECTED. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

avatar Vitalii

Good prices, nice support, interesting ideas. I like it with Melda company.

avatar Oliver MyMathGenius



Absolutely useless service! Unprofessional writers, rude staff members and outdated website which is hard to navigate. Don't recommend.