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avatar Kayden

I'd make a different choice if I could turn back time. I really hope there are better service out there.

avatar Paulina

Highly disappointed in the services they had provided me with. Discount system doesn`t worth fraud papers with plagiarism!

avatar Anna

EssayAce came as a savior when I needed an ASAP research paper to be ready. I love what they did. Thanks.

avatar Ulf

I have many thanks for the completion of an essay of mine. But the bad thing was lack of the attention and communication with their writer.

avatar Anna

Useful website and their writers seem professional enough but unfortunately, it takes them too long to finish a task. This is frustrating.

avatar Anne

I also ordered paper on accounting once and it was done as I requested and as good as I would do it myself. I didn’t even have to revise it.

avatar Gabi

Good that I could talk to my writer directly, without anyone to help. Bad, that even though there were no problems with communication we faced a problem with the final result of my summary page. Due to what I don`t recommend them

avatar William


Their website insults my perception of beauty as there is nothing imperial about their design! They use several fonts from different families and these fonts do not look good together! I study typography and looking at their website I'd say they don't know a thing about it.

avatar Jonas

Yeah, that’s a great website and the prices are also good. I use it from time to time as well as my friends.

avatar Elisa

Bad place if you are up to a good partnership. No skilled enough writers were found. Coupons on their site were off the due date.