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avatar Sony

I ordered to rewrite my paper and then returned to me almost exactly the same. It seems like they just read it and add in few sentences that was it.

avatar Joose

They cannot perform normal essay dedicated to political science. don`t recommend for maths either.

avatar Kaylee

Unfortunately, this service is not very reliable and you cannot be sure you will get your paper written within a time frame.

avatar Ruby

I got a discount for the first order on the website and I thought it would be a fraud. But I got my book review on time and it was splendid! Thank you sooo much.

avatar Ernest


They claim to have a team of experts and at the same time say there are not editor that cut a writer's salary. Doesn't that mean that the quality of writing depends entirely on the writer's conscience?

avatar Gabe

seriously, this is the last place you should consider using if you don`t feel like getting expelled!

avatar Melvin

I`m really trying to understand what the benefits of this company are but I cannot. Super slow service and high prices that are not affordable for average students. Cannot recommend.

avatar Bella

Coming to their resource was a mistake which I am not willing to make ever again!