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avatar Lu

My dissertation was beyond expectations. I was upset by it. Never work out alright. The level of language is insufficient. Too bad.

avatar Zoila

A friendly writer was trying to cover the mistakes that were there due to the unskilled support department that proceeded my paper for evaluation. It`s also sad that they didn`t give me a money back nor a discount. That`s sad.

avatar Mattie

I am looking at asking for help with the writing of my dissertation prospectus & my proposal. Does anyone know how their work in these areas is and if it is legit? How can this be verified so I am not getting a bad deal? What is the turnaround timeframe? Thank you!

avatar Bonnie

Thanks for fast completion of my book report. I enjoyed working with you all the time. Though prices can be improved and lowered.

avatar Evan

I`d say it is too expensive for the quality provided. Besides, their support service is too slow and unresponsive, they always need to contact somebody before answering the question. Not recommended.

avatar Katrina


They are cool but with their own peculiarities. I like that their standards make for more words per page than the most of other writing services. They don't offer any extra service except for what's really necessary and there is some charm in that I believe. The website needs some work, right.

avatar Marie

The worst CV I`ve ever seen with lots of grammar mistakes and typos. Also, they misspelled my name though they had all the information needed.

avatar Anna

They asked to pay a few hundred dollars for my homework on Math which had a few quite simple tasks. I still cannot understand why I agreed to pay so much money for that. It`s appalling to take such sums of money from students.