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avatar Mark

I cannot say that I was fully satisfied with this company. I used similar services before and they proved to be way better. MasterThesisWriting is cheap but cannot guarantee high grades.

avatar Terri

I TOTALLY love this website. I really like my writer. I feel like we really correct.

avatar Joe

Terrible customer service, had a paper written that was not even on the subject. When I asked them about it they revised it and it still was not on the subject I had asked for. After going back and forth with them for days and my paper was late after I had to write it myself. They only offered a $10 refund so I called my Credit card company to get a refund that way. Will never use them again!!!!

avatar Genvald


I totally loved the samples that I was showed before I placed my order. However, my paper didn`t look as good as it ought to be. Disappointing. At least, thanks for a discount

avatar Jessica


Looking for a writing service that can bring you a high grade? You can forget about ThesisPanda. Expensive, slow and of really bad quality.

avatar Deanna

This was really disappointing. I enrolled both of my kids. They both struggle with writing to an extent. They both got a lot of negative feedback, and even though they were on the fast track schedule, so many assignments were returned that we almost needed an extension. In fairness to the program, we did take our Christmas break, so we didn’t have as much time to complete the program. My daughter ended up in tears on several occasions when her assignments that she worked so hard on were returned with a 1/100 score. I don’t think my son made any improvement at all.

avatar Helen

Yeah …I really like all the discounts that they offer, the prices are very flexible. Plus they have different promotions around the year.

avatar Northon

Super great resource! I happened to find extensive help with my paperwork here. I had huge pleasure working with trustmypaper service!

avatar Sofi

I have used this website for many times, and each time they found perfect writers for me. As a working student, I need a service to write papers in time and to be trusted. They did so, and I received only. But the last time they failed with ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT! I had to somehow write the ENTIRE paper on my own, as a result to their careless in my side!