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avatar Lenny16

Just got my 5th paper from these guys. I can'tstand the summer school and their help is great to finish it off quickly. Thanks! I am getting good grades on your papers!

avatar Jonathan

I can't understand this service. The impression is they designed it half asleep. Well, maybe they will call me back though the first impression will be hard to improve.

avatar Jennifer


Does anybody know how do they cope with plagiarism? Do they have any plagiarism checker?

avatar Jose Santos

Jose Santos

I did my Master's research from these guys. I've chosen them as they seem to be a solid company. I liked the paper. There was no trust issues with the guys. All went well

avatar Jason

I`d say the price is to high for such a quality. I found lots of typos and even a few grammar mistakes. But it was fast and troubleless.

avatar Emma

As far as I understand top writers are those who can write in English and I doubt that other writers here don`t know this language at all. I haven`t seen so many mistakes in a single text before. Appalling.

avatar Christian


Prices and discounts here are definitely better than offered by other sources. But I wish I hadn`t even paid those few dollars for such a poorly written text.

avatar Sam

Yes, they do have plagiarism checker. I always ask for that but I think they do it in any case with all papers.

avatar Jenna

I love working with my writer. I know I have the perfectionist issues, so I ask my writers to make small changes for me. And he never refused. Lately I am receiving the papers that do not have to be changed at all! It's a pleasure working with these guys!

avatar Marina

Ignoring your customers is not the best approach if you are late for the set time! Completely dissatisfied with the support and the coursework itself.