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avatar Lincoln cannot be trusted! The resource takes away too much money and powers out of their customers! Does not worth! Extra minus is their toll-free that doesn`t work and the 100% unreachable support team. Any other reasons to try working with them? I doubt.

avatar Paja

Overpriced resource. They don`t give something awesomely impressive to be charging that much.

avatar Joan

I do believe they tried to make a quality writing service for students but unfortunately, this project is a failure. Poor quality and high prices as for the company that is supposed to help students.

avatar Pawel

def not on my list with useful academic servicez

avatar Pamela

OMG! My professor loved your paper - that, what I really appreciate! Thank you a lot, I will be back later with more orders.

avatar Elizabeth


They employ only best native speakers to write our orders. I doubt that they know the meaning of the word BEST. EssayBox didn`t show me enough of professional approach that I had craved for. I`d warn students like me from using their services.

avatar Pablo


That`s funny that they illustrated an astronomy book on their website, but when I asked them to finish a research paper dedicated to the Milky Way they weren`t able to provide me with the task on time. And they made 7 mistakes in it. Disappointed... =/

avatar Mary T.

Mary T.

Their website is difficult to navigate and too heavy in text to my mind. I heard many positive comments about acad write and only due to that I spent so much time trying to figure out what is where.

avatar Kirk

I hate this trend to make a person through the circles of hell before you let them know the price for the service. I though this was in the past. Obviously, not for Write My Essay Online. Duh.

avatar Alma

Thanks again. That was not my first order with you, guys, but as usual, it was up to all my expectation and even more. See you later.