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avatar Jeremy

I can’t believe you got me my essay in just 6 hours! This was so important to me to be on time! The customer support staff is really responsive. The essay was so good too. I think I just found my essay writers from now on. I’ll be coming back!

avatar Michael

You missed the deadline and I failed to pass my paper in time! Yes, paper was written fine, but I didn't need it any more!

avatar Kiera

The order form is simple to understand and fill, customer support contacted me quickly and answered all my questions. SOme of them were covered in their faq but I was lazy and the lady was patient and polite. The paper due on time. The only thing that worries me is their price. I would order more but it's to pricey.

avatar Mason

Sorry but can't agre on the "trustworthy decent setrvice". This typo illustrates perfectly the ones you get in papers from them. They do have friendly people there, but the mistakes are not worth paying.

avatar Sami

I'm disappointed! I expected to get a good paper and cooperation with professionals and got nothing of this! Papers are badly written and people from support service are responsive at all!

avatar Polina


Don`t place your big hopes for them or their services. They can`t complete even a single paper on time, nor from a listed price.

avatar Melissa


The worst support service ever! Unfriendly, unresponsive and without a single idea about what they`re doing.

avatar Xiomar

This is an expensive place, but with the urgent delivery option of 10pm to 7am.

avatar Ethan Scott

Ethan Scott

I was looking for a decent writing service that could not only deliver a ready-to-submit paper but also meet all the requirements of my stringent professor. To my regret, is not that kind of service.