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avatar Evould

This company is a cat in a sack. They promise a lot, boast with happy testimonials that are presumably left by clients and actually show nothing. You don't know how they write until get your order. Their website is engaging though.

avatar Anna

Fake authors as well as their promises to do quality writing. In addition, the website is extremely inconvenient to use.

avatar Mark

They have some very attractive offers but don`t trust them. It`s just a way to get your money.

avatar Marjolaine


I wouldn't trust a service that doesn't provide any writing samples. Of course, there are those who say it's a plus since many writers tend to use the samples for the future papers. Well, they still can do this. But with samples one at least has an idea of what to expect.

avatar Landon

That`s definitely not the worst service I`ve ever worked with. But for the money they ask they should at least try to improve the quality of writing.

avatar Myrna

I wouldn't say they are stingy as they say. In fact, they charge quite an average price and say they are cheap only to have an excuse for not giving any discount or giving a poor quality.

avatar Icheez

I am so discouraged with the bad service! Their writing is a no no!

avatar Shaunda


Funny service - no support and the annoying chat window all over the screen. It's kinda cool that you can choose the writer an manage the price offer. Though I seriously doubt they are Americans.

avatar Lorence

I don`t recommend - they don`t know what actual writing is! HATE HATE HATE!

avatar Allison


Don`t expect too much. These guys are real cheaters. They simply rewrite their previous orders and want you to pay for them as for completely unique papers. Not recommended.