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avatar Lasey

Lasey has some great support team, but I had to polish my essay. The writer didn’t follow my guidelines precisely.

avatar David

I hoped for something better than just: sorry, did we miss the deadline? Not worthy one.

avatar Eva

I don't know, they just don't look good to me. The site itself looks like 2004 and they don't offer as many services as other companies within the same price range do. I called support to ask if I could choose a time interval longer than 5 days and they didn't give me any yes/no answer. They do write term papers and offer dissertation help which I doubt can be done within 5 days.

avatar Lillian


Awful website, poor quality, high prices and unresponsive support members. All things considered, not recommended.

avatar celery18


slow but expensive. don`t approve the attitude to customers

avatar Leslie

I've got the same question that you bring up here. What does a "certified" writer define if my into's got a mistakes to it? I wish I read this review before ordering. Had to make some changes to the paper they've sent.

avatar Ezra

The service is credible. they send good essays right on time.

avatar Micaella


In an ASAP urgency with the rewriting of the essay that was found online. I was promised to get my task ready by the established timing. Why didn`t it happen guys?! Wasn`t $80 enough for 1.500 pages?!?!?!

avatar Guy Fox

Guy Fox

I ordered a paraphrasing service but support told me that my paper is totally plagiarized and they will need to write it from the very beginning. The price was higher than for paraphrasing:(