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avatar Pedro Navaja

Pedro Navaja

I am not sure if I would trust that site. As far as prices, I requested a paper 3 pages (750 words) and I got quoted $70.00. Not sure what the going price is but that seemed a little too high. Some of the messages had grammatical errors, go figure.

avatar Evanna


The urgent order of 24 hours was delayed for 24 hours lol lol Can you imagine telling your professor you`re not ready just because one sh*tty company hadn`t been ready by the time you agreed?!

avatar Robert

I needed a presentation but they don't have this option, so I contacted their call center to learn if they could help me. The support agent sounded as if she wasn't happy to hear me at all and mainly answered with yes and no. I hate getting this feel of being pushy so I hanged up and never ordered. Guess they have too many clients by now.

avatar Melvin

Although the Essay was absolutely astonishing and very well written, some information was not necessarily needed in the essay. But, overall I enjoyed it so did my Professor! Thanks, Guys! Good job!

avatar Rosana

My essay came late, made me nervous for a while. I fell out with my boyfriend because was so stressed about my school performance and he won't talk to me. Not recommended!

avatar Lora

nice try but no. too risky to trust them with any important assignments.

avatar Sallie

not sure what has happened to these guys. they use to be OK, but lately they are rude on the phone when I ask for revision as the last paper I got was really NOT ok. and I was not yelling or anything

avatar Tasha

The service is awesome! They are fast and good. Research papers they write for me are impeccable

avatar Martin


I used Ultius services once quite a while ago and then switched to another company. Now I decided to give them a second chance.. and missed again. Their prices have raised even more and I can't see any change in the quality they deliver except for the new feature that tells you when to expect your order. I wish they'd work on timely delivery rather than on blunt recognition of their own incompetence.

avatar Sarah

The grammatical errors were corrected, but my editor did not provide me with any comments on the content and organization of my essay.