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avatar Noah

I got a good discount but it`s not enough to call this service quality or trustworthy. They fail to deliver my paper when promised and after that, it took the writer two weeks to edit the text.

avatar Ellio

You can save 7 dollars but waste tons of time because of this terrible service.

avatar Darrell Sylva

Darrell Sylva

Got a job with spelling errors. When I asked to make edits, it turned out that there were no free writers. Low quality service!

avatar Nicholas


I liked the support service but I hated the quality of work this website provides. You`d better find another editing service.

avatar Rick Arrey

Rick Arrey

Everything is so large on their website. And so many links that go nowhere bother me. What kind of service can offer a company that can't make a website for themselves?

avatar Marie

Perfect if you order a paper for your enemy. Not the slightest chance he will get a good grade for writing from this service.

avatar Kim Lu

Kim Lu

They blocked me straight after I complained about the disgusting essay they wrote for me, and also asked for the complete money-back. HATE YOU ULTIUS!

avatar Lydie


Under no circumstances will I ever order from them again. Highly unprofessional service.

avatar Carmen


My friend uses this company but he is far from being the best student in the class. Looking at their prices I think I'd use them for a non-important assignment in case I'm in a rush.

avatar Viktor L

This service is quite affordable and it's easy for me to place an order, make a payment and get a solution to my question here. They often send me a discount so I stay with them.