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avatar Moshe


Wasted my money on the service I didn't get.

avatar Shivam

Their prices are not for my wallet but I was desperate. I would have saved money if I would have write it myself. Money and my grades because the papers I got was below average.

avatar Imani

I got blamed for giving a plagiarised papers that I got from your service.

avatar Rimsha

It was on topic, they weren't slow and not that much of mistakes. But it was very unoriginal and I forgot what I've read after a couple of minutes.

avatar Rosanna


Just why? Stop tricking people and shut your bussiness down.

avatar Aizah

My topic wasn't that hard to write about but they still managed to make it the most boring and bland papers I've never seen.

avatar Bronwyn

I received someone else essay. After a couple of days of not responding, they finally sent me my essay but I'm not risking to get that kind of treatment again.

avatar Mariah


If I need y job to be done in a rush and it's not an important work I would hore them. But if my life would depend on it - I would chooce another site to hire people from.