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avatar ricky

very bad web,the language and citation are simple and bad.THEY NEVER ACTUALLY READ ALL THE RESEARCH PAPERS!

avatar Shayne

Yeah they are really flexible and understanding with clients. They never say no to me.

avatar Kira helped me with the essay, I liked what they did. So I got extremely surprised by the low quality of the next paper... the research I had to rewrite myself.

avatar Samantha


I just talked to their customer support and the guy was just lovely! He walked me through the entire ordering and writing process, told about their library and what resources they choose for research. Also, their writers' penalty and refund systems look solid. I'm ordering.

avatar Patty

I was really amazed with the way they did my research paper. Unexpectedly it turned out to be the best in class!

avatar Adam

They look and sound nice. I placed an order for editing and they did it, having previously asked a few questions. As for the price, they seem quite cheap on the first sight but then you realize it is due to the extended time-line (20 days instead of usual 14). So actually they charge like everyone else. What I didn't like though was the absence of writing samples. I hate buying cats in the sack!

avatar Audrey

They are fine. Too bad they don't provide pdf format since I find it easier to send pdf files. Also that's ridiculous when I have to pay more because I need a smaller letter size.

avatar Linda

Nice guys who still have to learn a lot about this writing business. Unfortunately, now they are too slow and not quite reliable.

avatar Rhonda

I just hate my professor. He is so old school. Well, obviously I hate his class too. Premier Essay is a real life saver