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avatar Jessica

The service is SAFE! It's rather old, I mean, you can tell from their design that it's like from the beginning of 2000. Anyways, if you want it to be more real and not go from like C's to A's you can ask them to make some intentional mistakes. They are good not only at perfect service, but also making it look like you did the job yourself.

avatar Eddy

Thanks to you I always get only the best grades! I'm so glad that I have such good helper on my side!

avatar Norman


Cannot say that I`m fully satisfied with the writing help they provided me with. In fact, I hoped to get my paper on time. I didn`t expect it to be delivered two days after. I believe, that 14 days are more than enough for essay completion, especially if the paper is only of 5k words. They didn`t meet the requirements. I`m unconvinced in their professional experience.

avatar Wulf

My friend did an order here for a small write-up. They messed it up and took a ton of money. Heard they didn't even make it to the required words limit.

avatar Andrea

Yeah, my brother is working with this website to write his dissertation, he says that they are really trying to help and the writer is doing his best.

avatar Lynn

This is mega cool writing company! The studying process with your help is much easier!

avatar Duncan


Severely unprofessional help! Extremely uneducated writers! What`s even worse - no ability to reach their support, mainly because the support department doesn`t exist! I`m completely disappointed that I had trusted my writing assignment those "experts". After all, I had to rewrite it myself, as the outcome quality wasn`t great... Do not recommend!

avatar guacamole


This site is actually really bad. Did`t like them at all.

avatar Fernando


A quite nice place, though there are some strange things to be noticed. The toll-free thing doesn`t really work as it is established. That actually makes it a bit difficult to find any helpful support in case you`re facing a problem.

avatar Isaac

Customer support service is awful. Literally, the worst service I`ve ever experienced. Unfriendly and moreover unprofessional.