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avatar Nolan

Nolan is highly unprofessional. I will not use it again!

avatar Borjan


They have typos on their main page. Plagiarism cheker, really? I'm not a genius but for this small word I didn't even have to google. I'm not sure what one can expect from a company that doesn't even care enough about what actually constitutes their entire business!

avatar Ross Alfred

Ross Alfred

Thanks all for that outstanding thesis you've fashioned for me personally! I understand, I have purchased it having a very short deadline but you just have were able to complete it! I'd be certainly kicked out whether it wasn't your author who solved the problem a lot.

avatar Marine


Not sure who would find this "writing" resource useful for any kind of paperwork. Seriously, my proofreading didn`t worth a single penny that I paid them.

avatar Elijah

No plagiarism report and no explanations for why the order was late. Not recommended.

avatar Olin

Is there any possibility to communicate with my writer? It would be much easier if I could. Just explain him what I need face to face.

avatar Helin

Hi everyone, a quick question for those who has been using this. I live in UK and my essay is about children literature-book review. The essay needs to be critical. Can I really trust them? do they 100% follow the guideline? please help asap as my essay is due in 10 days :(

avatar Frank

I find this place to be quite nice for high school paperwork. At least my tasks were ready on time without any issues.

avatar Tracy

Most of their writers look Asian (not that I have anything against Asians, I just find it weird that there are so many of them on a writing service and I doubt they are natives) and even their profiles are often written in an inadequate language.