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avatar Jemimah

The reviews were mixed so I decided to trust them and hire a writer for my essay. Worst decision ever! Thankfully they were fast with there papers so I had time to write my own job.

avatar Susanna


My essay was suppose to be only 1000 words long but they barely managed to write half of it and submited it as a final work!

avatar Candace


I asked for a person that is a native english speaker but I can see in the papers I got that this person barely speaks english…

avatar Raven M. MyHomeworkDone

Raven M.


Even if I would drown in my deadlines, I would still better of just writing my own papers or not submitting anything at all. Still better than the result they give.

avatar Chris M.

Chris M.

The service was very poor. It was too late for me and they couldn’t get the job done on time. I'm really sorry.

avatar Lois

My experience with them isn't that bad. Altough it was very hard for us to understand each other because they didn't speak english that well. However, my papers were in an amazing english language, like written by native. So was it plagiarised or someone else wrote it I don't know but I'm not willing to take that risk again and submit a work that could be a complete copy of something else.

avatar Florine V.

Florine V.

It was hard to navigate through the page and writers weren;t that easy to talk to. However, I got my papers and they weren't half bad. Not worth the price but not the worst case scenario either.

avatar Adrian V.

Adrian V.

My dissapointment is immesurable and my day is ruined…