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avatar Olivia

They didn`t offer a plagiarism report and sent a paper full of copypasted passages which my professor noticed at first sight. Now I have to rewrite the whole paper. Not a kind of help I expected for my money.

avatar Nathan

They promised me the thanksgiving discount but they refused to give any discount saying that it had expired and I was eligible to get discount if I place 4-5 orders.

avatar Giselle


FreshEssays is like a fresh breeze you enjoy in summertime. I loved what they did with my book review. Thanks for such a generous and fast help. Love it, love it, love it.

avatar Brian

I am the lucky one who received the order on time. But I wish I hadn`t. The quality was so low that I had to order the same essay once again from another service.

avatar LUKE

I HAVE HAD IT! The deadline came and went and I still don't have my thesis, my professors are on my case and these guys keep saying that they will deliver it tomorrow, well that tomorrow hasn't come yet! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

avatar Amanda

At first I didn`t even understand what was that. I mean, is it even a service or what is it?! What a shame that occurred to be just an average service without any benefits at all.

avatar Oliver

I like their newspaper-like design and interactive elements on the website (web designer detected, huh?). I don’t really understand why those beautiful responsive buttons do not have links to click? Therefore I was embarrassed for a fracture of a second and didn’t know how to navigate the site. Obviously they are not well-off since they can’t hire a good designer. Or, they are not well-off because their poor website drives customers away?

avatar Ruphert


Get what you want but in a completely different place. These writers can only write explanatory letters with explanations of: why we didn`t deliver your paper on time/ why we forgot to include some pages you had asked for/ why we didn`t give you a plagiarism report with a real thing/ why.... and so many other themes.

avatar Jean

well. I must admit - I was wrong. These guys are pretty good. I'm not sure if they may handle some theses or doctoral projects, but they do an outstanding research for my finals. ^^