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avatar Harold


My research paper was ready on time. Though it didn`t have enough details and I wasn`t able to evaluate it in accordance with my college papers standards.

avatar Tania

Extremely helpful service. For the time when it's more reasonable to pay a small fee than spend a mountain of time and still not do it right, essaythinker is irreplaceable.

avatar Cindy

I once ordered an essay, 5 pages long. They did it within 24 hours, so 2 days it’s like hell lot of time for them..haha

avatar Servin

I would love to punch a guy who was writing my essay at customessaymeister. Then, punch a guy who created their website. And then punch them both! Disgusting services!

avatar Antony

As for me, too much hustle and bustle for a very average final result. The essay wasn`t bad though. But it wasn`t splendid either.

avatar Noah

I`d say it worth the money I paid as the service seems quite cheap compared to others. But in general nothing special and I`m not sure if I will come back in the future.

avatar Leah

The support were rude and absolutely useless. They didn`t know anything about their own service. Don`t recommend!

avatar Amelia


I have mixed feelings about this service. On one hand, they did finish my order on time. On the other hand, the paper was far from perfect ad needed editing.

avatar Sharon

I was just wondering what should I do next semester with English Composition class. I know now, thank you for the hint.