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avatar Aria

I cannot recommend this service because of the number of pages they copied from other papers without citing. Surely, my professor`s found all of them and told me to write a completely new paper.

avatar Robert

Is there a way to ask for the same writer? I ordered an essay and I liked it very much. So I want the same writer to write another paper of mine.

avatar Henry

I've just completed reading my essay they did for me. Well, it looks good at first side. Correct APA format ( some commas are missing, but it's O.K.). All sources are used. Will send to my professor for review. Will get back soon with more feedback.

avatar Usher

I feel bad about saying that, however this resource is extremely unreliable. Furthermore, they charge a lot. Much more than they list on their website or tell you at the beginning. And when the paper is ready you don`t have any other option than to pay them, cause you do need that da*n writing. I`m sad and disappointed.

avatar Herman

@Julie Me too! WOW - effect was successfully made) I'm impressed. Did you have any issues with the?

avatar Simon

Highly recommended if you`re on a shoestring budget. The prices are very affordable. Also, I enjoyed reading your blog.

avatar Adam

Can somebody tell me their email address? I can’t find it anywhere here.

avatar June

Hi everyone! I would like to thank you TopEssayWriting! I've just got back from my school! I'm sorry for not trusting in you! My paper was the best! I'm sure I will improve my grades with you! Thnx again!

avatar Usain

Wish the support team were friendlier. But the quality is superior and that`s enough for me.

avatar Gregory


I just have one thing that I don’t like about this website – is that irritating pic of a lady inviting to chat…it’s awful and it is every 30 seconds…my god