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avatar Andrea

Had a difficult time accessing the services on their site. Apart from that, their support system weren't helpful too.

avatar Amy

Can't recommend them to anyone. They don’t offer quality..everything about them is a lie

avatar Alison


They couldn’t deliver on their promises. Very unreliable agency.

avatar Alexandra


They lack organisation..and they don’t really respect their customers

avatar Abigail

I'm sure they are running out of excuses now because all they have are just excuses nothing more…

avatar Saige

I had a lot of things to do and I thought using them will relive my burdens but it didn’t work. they just added to the stress I was already experiencing.

avatar Hyman

the way they work kinda discourages me from trusting other agency. I've used them twice now and their performance is just terrible. i just can't with them.

avatar Magdalena JustDoMyHomework



They couldn’t help with my homework. I gave them a fair deadline but they couldn’t meet up

avatar Dante

I just want my money back. Im done with you guys.