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avatar Servant

The poor loyalty program... What benefit can you get if order 50+ pages at once? You get 5% off discount. Okay, who would order 50 pages (it should be one paper) at once? The End.

avatar Garcia


I don't like their website. This "hello dear students" looks rather intimidating, don't you think? And the text is just on the edge of being too hard to read. If they can't take enough care of their website, that is actually their entire business, how can I expect them to care about my orders?

avatar Jason

Absolutely pathetic service! They do not tolerate either deadlines or paper instructions! Strongly recommend - PASS THEM BY!

avatar Felix


Original written from scratch? Hardly doubt that! At least, my paper consisted of 19,5% of copy-pasted text. How come? I asked the same and got no reply. Was my last time with them, 100%.

avatar Giulia


Poor service, poorly written essays and moreover prices higher than average on the market.

avatar Haily

I'm not sure exactly how, but they did proofread 2 hours before my submission. Yes, I got B- but it's OK. Anyways, much better than F.

avatar Bobby

In case you need urgent writing help, this isn`t the place you should consider using. My task was failed by them, and I didn`t get any explanation after. Strongly don`t recommend.

avatar Audrey


Very useful website which really helps to understand what is what and allows you to do everything very quickly. But the thing is that the essay they write aren’t worth trying.

avatar Hilda

I must say that two years ago they were much better than they are now.

avatar Tabitha

Whether it`s legal or not, but they fully, ETERNALLY copy-pasted my essay. It was combined out of texts from the web. AND, what is even more awful, they faked the plagiarism report! UNRELIABLE SERVICE!