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avatar John

It was pretty easy to communicate with them and I got my papers in time. However, it was pretty mediocre. Had to spell check and change a little bit but it's not a bit deal.

avatar Chad M.

Chad M.

Couple of amatours running this page and getting money from dumb people like me who trusted their words and expected good results. Definetally not hiring them again.

avatar Rose C.

A complete utter mess instead of a page. It was so hard to find my way to making a deal and askiong didnt help since costumer sevice didnt respode to me at all. No matter I syžtil ldecided to make a deal woth one of the wroters and it was pretty bad aswell. I had to change a big amou t of essay soit would be a tlest presentable.

avatar Aisha

The price isn’t that bad but if I would know that they would bring me horrid results.. I wouldn't pay that.

avatar Linda


It would be easier to communicate with robot and I feel that I would get better result from it that from the people that workd there.

avatar Nina


Starting with terrible customers service and ending with way after deadline submited wprk that wasn't what I wanted to see either.

avatar Dennis

To summarise my experience with their service: not worth it.

avatar Shaun

I was promised a lot and I got hyped for it. Imagine my dissapointment when the stuff I got was… pretty eh.

avatar Robert S.

Robert S.

I am not a bad writer myself but I had no other choice but to trust complete stranger to make a work at least simialr to mine. I didn't get dissapointed and they delivered top notch quality!