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avatar Mia

Nice website and friendly support. Unfortunately, these are not the most important features of such a service. Wish they worked more on writing quality.

avatar Beth

I think I would never graduate if I didn’t use this service. I tried many websites. Essay Warriors is the best among the best of them.

avatar Lily

I’m going to order my proposal. It is rather urgent .And I don’t know if they can cope with it...My subject is SPSS ( Any help? Thanks...

avatar Gregory

I don’t know what to say…I was impressed from what I got. The calculations were done correctly and all the tables were also correct and analyzed.

avatar Colin

@Lily I ordered a research in history. It was literally not real to find an info on the topic, so it was either I fail or get some help. Since I had wasted time on searching the info myself, there was no time left. Order was history research 7 pages in 6 hours. They delivered on time and the research was covered ok. Hope this helps. Good luck

avatar Josephine


What? Where? How? Who is this site meant to? Do I really need to fill up several questionnaires to be able to learn if they can help me???

avatar William

This is my favorite company. I hate writing something especially for school.

avatar Lenny16

Just got my 5th paper from these guys. I can'tstand the summer school and their help is great to finish it off quickly. Thanks! I am getting good grades on your papers!

avatar Jonathan

I can't understand this service. The impression is they designed it half asleep. Well, maybe they will call me back though the first impression will be hard to improve.

avatar Jennifer


Does anybody know how do they cope with plagiarism? Do they have any plagiarism checker?