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avatar Jennie

Useful website with a lot of info but I think, their prices are too high for the quality they manage to provide.

avatar Okland

Unbearable quality! That is not what I was paying for! Why do I have to experience all of these now and don`t even hear a word of apology from you?!

avatar Bryan

They are so awing. Most of their writers proudly say in their profiles they had graduated from some college and are experts in academic writing. Perhaps I'm ignorant but what kind of college offers a degree in academic writing?

avatar Roma

My friend used this service and his paper was returned marked "poor research". Also I find their website somewhat confusing: they have no faq section it seems? Do they want me to call them to ask if I can choose a writer? Will they send me their cvs on email then or what?

avatar Anthony


Hi, can anyone recommend writers who have personally been helpful or best for them, particularly in the areas of political science

avatar Betty

I don`t find darwinessay to be a useful place for writing assignments. I didn`t like the kind of the essay they had given me last semester. Will not use again.

avatar Laroslav


Super great and super nice. Totally advise to have them as your background savior. Super great!)

avatar Mason

Not the worst website if talking about service and people who work for them. But when it comes to quality of papers they are not able to provide academically successful assignments.

avatar Tyler

I hate it when I enter a website and can't figure out something straight away. Can I communicate with the writer? Can I choose them? It says I'll be able to check a writer's samples before agreeing but can I check several profiles as soon as I click order or will they send me options somewhere? Not clear.