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avatar Sarah

The plus sie I got my papers at time. Aleat I still got the time to write it myself cause it was definetally better than the work I got from them…

avatar Candice

Amazing quality and person I was working with was such an amazing person that I can't believe how lucky I was. They worked their hardest for me and the result I got was icredible! Definetaly using this service again!

avatar Zayne

the papers I got weren't complete awful. Had to make minor changes here and there. If they would make prices lower they would have more pleased customers for sure.

avatar Bianca

I got my work way after the deadline and it wasn't that good either.

avatar Abul

They saved me more than a couple of times so I feel like I should give a good words about them. They bring you the best results in a pretty short time, they listen to what you want to be in your papers and Actlually puts it in there. They could definetaly charge you more than they charge you know and I wouldn't even be mad. Best service I had.

avatar Deen

I got the papers my classmate got year before. It was word by word the same text.

avatar Elana

I was struggling with my deadlines and wanted a little bit of help so I asked them to write me an essay of certain topic. Everything was fine, they seemes pleasant to communicate and it looked that they understood what I want to be written in the papers. When the day arrived for them to give me the papers I was shoked! It was completely off topic with so many mistakes that I stopped reading after first paragraph. I want my money back!