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avatar Carolyn


It seems like the person writing a feedback is very meticulous. I would never revise my paper, I don’t do that after I write my papers.

avatar Halil

Urgent help needed-guys!!! Recommend me – is the quality of the papers depends on the assigned writer? I doubt, because I have no money for premium writer((((

avatar Gabriella


Come on guys! Are those gross book reviews all you can do? Give me my money back! Those didn`t worth your writing. Not a single penny!

avatar Ollie

They claim to do quality research and writing. In fact, they copy passages from wikipedia without even editing. Not recommended.

avatar Dennise


I bet you do not write often… no offense.. haha

avatar Franck

@Halil Actually, I’ve never paid for premium writer (I’m a student and also have some financial troubles).However, the papers were always amazing. But If I earn some money, I will definitely hire the premium one. Just to compare, you know))))

avatar Sam

Price too high for such a service. I got a lot of mistakes and a lot of problems at college for my own money.

avatar Judyth

I had some family issues and had no inspiration to work upon my project. I don’t want write a lot(( They helped me to stay in the university. Sorry for not being too emotional)

avatar Elio

Average price, average service and unfortunately average quality. But if you need your essay written asap you can give it a try.

avatar Corinne


I didn't get it. It does the same exact thing as Grammarly but the interface isn't that convenient and pleasant to use. So.. nice try, paperrater.